Genki Global Company Information

Genki Japanese and Culture School is operated by Genki Global, Inc.

Date of legal establishment: December 5, 2007

Starting capital: 1,000,000 yen

CEO: Evan Kirby

Directors: Rie Kirby, Hiroko Kobayashi

Business details:

  • Operation of Japanese language school
  • Accommodation placement services for foreigners
  • International exchange events
  • Translation services

GenkiJACS Ethical Business Practices

GenkiJACS operates on the principle of treating customers and employees fairly, equally, and honestly. We strive to always be ethical, above and beyond what is required by law, in our business dealings.

Employment Benefits

In employment, we aim to hire as many staff as possible on full-time contracts, to ensure that they can earn a living wage. To this end, we have more full-time staff than schools much larger than us.
We provide full benefits for all contract staff, including all national holidays off, plus starting at 15 days of paid leave per year.
We always pay all overtime, without exception. This is of course required by Japanese law, but seems to be rare nevertheless.

The GenkiJACS Pledge:

We pledge to:

  • provide all information requested or required, truthfully and completely, both before and after a student has applied;
  • provide honest and fair comparative information on competitors if asked, or if we believe another school would serve your needs better;
  • levy no hidden charges
  • treat all students fairly and equally;
  • not promise what we cannot provide;
  • behave as a responsible member of the local and international business community.
  • adhere to our Privacy policy in handling all received data.

Charitable Donations

We donate more than the tax-allowable maximum charitable donation each year. In 2010, we donated to the following charities:

The last of those, Mother's House, is a home for abused or abandoned children in Kitakyushu. As family structures in Japan are so strong, in many cases abused children are taken in by other members of the same family. This means that there are fewer children in this kind of facility than in most other countries. But it also means that the funds provided to support this kind of home are very low. We visited Mother's House, and were struck by the need for more clothes and toys, but also by how well-adjusted the children there seemed, proof of the great work that the staff there do. We're proud to be able to support all of these organizations not just morally, but financially too. Living in Japan, it's easy to forget that there are parts of the world, and even parts of Japan, where people struggle every day with terrible burdens. We hope to be able to do more in the coming years to help.


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