Winter Vacation Schedule - clarification

Posted on November 10, 2005 | evankirby

For some time now our homepage has been proudly advertising the fact that we're closing the school for a good 2-and-a-half weeks for winter vacation (December 23rd to January 9). Well, the truth is that while we will be reducing our service during that time, due to student demand we won't be entirely closed. Some classes will still be going on, and teachers will be there intermittently. We will continue to provide email service during the vacation (although we might not manage to meet our 48-hour reply deadline so often...). Phone and fax messages should be answered at some point, although probably not the same day.
For our local students and home students, check with your teacher as to the class schedule during this period.
For other students, including intensive course students, if you really really want to study during the holidays we can usually work something out for you, although there will be a small surcharge. Call the school (092-716-8673) or email us and ask. Flexibility is our middle name! (We already have a few signees, so don't worry about being the first!)