Taking the J-Test at GenkiJACS

Posted on November 22, 2006 | evankirby

This is a very late announcement, but GenkiJACS is proud to be the newest test location for the J-TEST, a relatively new test of Japanese ability. We will be moderating the test at our Japanese school location in Fukuoka City for the first time on Sunday the 26th of November.

The J-Test bills itself as a "実用日本語試験" (jitsuyou nihongo shiken), or practical skills Japanese test. It focuses on more communicative topics and questions than the more-famous JLPT. It's also a lot cheaper, at 2,300 yen for the lower level, or 2,800 yen for the higher level, and it's run 4 times a year, instead of just once. If you'd like information about taking the test at our Japanese school, either this time or in the future, contact us and we'll be happy to help!

There are sample test questions here (higher level) or here (lower level). We recommend people to try the test once, as it is a good test, and having goals to work towards always helps to focus your study.