Cellphones, is there anything you can't do?

Posted on December 11, 2006 | evankirby

A member of our staff purchased life insurance recently, and the salesperson came to the school to finalize the contract. After the staff member filled out the paper application, the salesperson pulled out her cellphone, opened a special program, and started registering the application information with the central office using that tiny keypad. It took about 5 minutes in total (including more than a few do-overs from fumbled fingers...).
We were surprised that someone would use a cellphone for something like this, where a laptop would seem to be much more suitable, but it seems that for a fleet of roving salespeople who mostly work part-time, the cellphone is the perfect tool, as everyone carries it with them anyway. Even so, we don't look forward to the day when people ask us to teach Japanese by cellphone...