No more summer applications!

Posted on May 23, 2007 | evankirby

Short-term study abroad is a very seasonal business: the majority of our students tend to come in summer, when their universities and schools are on vacation. Unfortunately, this year we have reached our capacity for part of the summer, and have to restrict new applications. The restrictions are as follows:

July 9th to July 20th: no new applications being accepted. Unfortunately, we cannot even accept people wishing to start their study before this date and finish after (for example, July 2nd till 27th), as the school is completely full for these two weeks.

June to August 17th: no more homestays available. Students must choose a different accommodation option (shared apartment, private apartment or dormitory). Students under 18 (who are required to stay with a host family) can contact us directly to confirm, but in most cases we will not be able to accept you.

Please note that these restrictions only apply to new applications! If you have already been accepted by us, and received a final tuition invoice, your place is secure.

We really don't like to turn away students, especially those who had their hearts set on studying with us, but unfortunately we just don't have the capacity to deal with the rush of students this summer. Next year, we recommend applying early to guarantee yourself a place! In addition, applying for study outside of the summer months (e.g., in June or from the end of August) generally means you will have smaller classes and more attention from the teacher.

We are currently evaluating our options, and intend to expand the size of the school (both classrooms and teachers) before summer next year, so we will be able to accept a larger number of students then.

Finally, if requested, we will be happy to recommend other Japanese language schools for you to apply to, that may be able to accept you even at a late date.