Upcoming Fukuoka Events - October/November

Posted on October 17, 2007 | evankirby

Here are a few events that might be of interest to people living in Fukuoka, as well as students at Genki Japanese language school:

Kyushu Area Traditional Folk Arts Festival
Date: October 28 (Sunday), 1pm - 4:40pm
Place: ACROS Building
Cost: free
A performance of a local traditional folk art from each of the nine prefectures in Kyushu. Should be very interesting!

Japanese Speech Contest for Foreigners
Date: October 28 (Sunday), 1pm - 4pm
Place: Airef Building (Maizuru, about 10 minutes' walk from school)
Cost: free
Foreigners living in Fukuoka give speeches in Japanese.

Volunteer Festival
Date: October 28 (Sunday), 10am - 4pm
Place: Fuku Fuku Plaza (near Nishi Park, about 25 minutes' walk or 5 minute bus ride from school)
Cost: free
Meet local people interested in volunteering, find out what volunteer opportunities are available for you, and learn a special hula dance using elements of sign language!

Map of useful places for GenkiJACS students

Posted on October 07, 2007 | evankirby

We spent an hour or so yesterday using Google Maps to put together a map of places of interest to GenkiJACS students, people studying at other Japanese schools, and everyone else living in Fukuoka. Click here to jump straight to the Google Maps page, with a listing of all places, or click on any of the marker points on the map below to show the detailed information.

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Useful info for students 1: Cheap lunch!

Posted on October 06, 2007 | evankirby

Every Monday, GenkiJACS runs tours of the local area, to show new students some of the local places (restaurants, banks, cultural centers, etc.) that might come in handy during their time with us. We're also currently assembling a book of the same information at school, so that students can always access it. But, in the interests of getting the information to the greatest number of people, we have decided to publish the info on our site too. Here below, then, is the first of these:

hokka tei logo
Name: Hokka Hokka Tei
Type: Fast food restaurant
Special point: Very cheap but very delicious food
Location: About 200 meters from the school, on Showa-doori. Walking directions from school here.

Web site: http://www.hokkahokkatei.com/kyushu/index.html
Average price: 450 yen for a big, freshly cooked bentou box.
Recommended item: Chicken nanban (a Kyushu specialty)
Chicken nanban
Comments: No seating - take-out only
Store exterior:
Hokka hokka shop
(Note: photo is not the same shop location, but very similar.)

And finally, just to make it a little easier for you to order, we have prepared an English menu for you! Click here for the full version, with both English translations and pronunciation guides. Print it out and take it with you, or choose what you want in advance! Note that this is the regular menu, and doesn't include any of their special items, of which there are many!
Hokka hokka tei menu

Review of GenkiJACS by a former student

Posted on October 02, 2007 | evankirby

A recent student of ours was kind enough to write a review of the school. It is included below, with no modifications or edits.


I am very satisfied with my experience at GenkiJACS. After being asked to evaluate the school, the fact that I am taking the time to do so is the evidence to the previous. After scouring the internet for a program that would suit my needs for the summer, GenkiJACS seemed to fit the bill with it's small class size, price, and personal communication. Before we begin, I would like to emphasize that although I do have Cons with the program, they are far outweighed by the Pros, and that, once again, I felt it was an excellent program.

-Excellent before arrival communication. Even when I requested last minute directions to the dormitories due to my unpreparedness, they replied quickly and got me the information I needed.

-Small class size. This is probably the biggest selling point of the school. The class size is small, very small, which allows for excellent communication and immediate feedback from the teachers. It also creates a, generally, more intimate environment, and I felt connected to the teachers on a more friendly level than I would have in a large class. Even outside of the classroom.

-Teachers. The teachers themselves are excellent, and prepare appropriate material for the level of class you are taking. They were very personable, and meet the requirements of each student very well. Teaching styles vary among teachers of course, and there were some I enjoyed more than others, but all performed excellently. More on the teachers later in Cons.

-Class Materials. Looking back on the experience, I found my time spent in the Conversation Class more interesting than my normal Grammar class; However with both classes I found the material appropriate, challenging, and a good use of the time spent in the class. Well in conversation class today we have a newspaper article about the water consumption of Japan, let's read it.

-Accommodation. I chose the dormitories as my place of stay, and was mostly satisfied with my choice. The residents of the dorms are, for the most part, very friendly and personable. I had a lot of fun with them, and enjoyed participating in the occasional group activity that they offered. More on this in Cons.