Useful info for students 2: Great hot springs!

Posted on November 03, 2007 | evankirby

Yu no hana

One of the most relaxing things you can do in Japan is take a dip in an 温泉 (onsen, hot spring). And luckily, there's a great one just 5 minutes' walk from the school!
天神ゆの華 (Tenjin yu no hana) is a natural hot spring, meaning that water is piped up from 500 meters underground. They have a helpful info board outside with some details about the water:

Yu no hana info board

So, the natural 温度 (ondo, water temperature) is 30.6 degrees Celsius. (It is of course heated for the baths.) Next is the 湧出量 (yuushutsuryou, discharge amount), 毎分750リットル (maifun 750 rittoru, 750 liters per minute). Finally the ph (or in Japanese, ペーハー) is 6.6.
Notice the little picture down in the bottom right there. Bonus points if you can guess what it means. That's right, no tattoos!

This onsen costs just 700 yen each time, and offers a huge variety of baths, as well as sauna, steam room, and more. If you don't have your own towel, you can rent or buy one there, for 150 yen. Usually, people bring one small towel (to take into the onsen), and one larger one (to dry yourself off afterwards).

Anyway, the procedure for the onsen is a little complex, and it's easy to make a mistake the first time you go, so we've compiled a little guide to make things easier for you. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us take any photos from inside the onsen, so in the absence of us sneaking a hidden camera inside, it's all words from here on in, plus a few photos stolen from their website. It might be a good idea to print this out when you go!