Summer bookings

Posted on February 18, 2008 | evankirby

Like all Japanese language schools, summer is our busiest period. Courses are filling up quickly for summer this year - much quicker than last year! - so we recommend booking early where possible. Additionally, if it is possible for you to come outside of summer (i.e., from September to May), we would definitely recommend it! Coming outside of summer means smaller Japanese classes, more personalized attention from the teacher. a wider range of accommodation options, and of course avoiding the summer heat! In particular, Fukuoka can be lovely in September/October, and April/May - not too hot, not too cold.
We continue to offer a 10% tuition discount for returning students for study between September and May.

Student Safety Policies

Posted on February 12, 2008 | evankirby

In general, Japan is a very safe country. However, it’s still important to use common sense and take safety measures, especially for female students traveling alone. Recently, a GenkiJACS student was touched inappropriately while walking home alone in the evening. As a result, we have brought in a few new policies:

- All female students are provided with a free personal alarm, that emits a loud noise when its button is pressed. Students are asked to carry this at all times.
- The cost of cellphone rentals has been cut from 1000 yen per week to 500 yen per week. This is to make it easier for all students to rent a cellphone, so that they have an emergency contact method.
- Host families are being instructed on ways to keep their students safe, such as picking them up from the station in the evening, and teaching them the best roads to walk.
- We talk to students at orientation on the first day, to provide some tips on staying safe in Japan.

Hopefully these will help to make sure Japan's crime rate continues to be among the lowest in the world!

俳句(Haiku, Japanese Poet)

Posted on February 07, 2008 | kikuko

We would like to introduce the Japanese Poet which the intermediate conversation students made.
・秋の風 柳の歌は サギが無視
(Akinokaze yanaginoutawa sagiga musi)
・カラスらは 地平の山を 見て話す
(karasurawa chiheino yamawo mite hanasu)

<作・J さん>
・柳の葉 風に吹かれて 動くんだ
(Yanaginoha kazenifukarete ugokunda)
・池の水 光を反射 輝くね
(Ikenomizu hikariohansha Kagayakune)

・葉をのせて静かにゆれる ビルの影
(Hawonosete Shizukaniyureru Birunokage)
・指先を 真っ赤に染めた 裸の木
(Yubisakio Makkanisometa Hadakanoki)


Spanish language website!

Posted on February 03, 2008 | evankirby

Today we added a few pages about the Japanese school in Spanish, to make it a little easier for Spanish-speakers to find information about study with us. Former student Paula, thank you so much for the help!
Access them here!