Rainy Season (tsuyu)

Posted on June 29, 2009 | clarice

It has been raining very heavily in Fukuoka for the past week. These few weeks are the rainy season in Japan, and maybe not the most optimal time to visit (even with an umbrella, your feet are bound to get soaked). Conversely, many department stores are holding summer sales now, with savings up to 70%! :D

Tsugumi Sensei's parents' restaurant

Posted on June 28, 2009 | clarice

On Friday we went to Ijiri district to go have dinner at Tsugumi-sensei's parents' restaurant. We had around 10 courses of food! Everything from sashimi to gratin. Everything was very delicious, especially their home-made sorbet (10 varieties!!!)


Posted on June 21, 2009 | clarice

Hiroshi-san is our new Culture Class teacher. I did a short interview with him the other day. Welcome to GenkiJACS!

1. Please tell us about yourself!
Hi my name is Hiroshi, I am a new stuff here. I like people who trying to learn something new. I really want to have a good time at GENKI JACS with every students,teachers and staffs, so please nice to meet you !

2. Why you were interested in becoming a culture class teacher at GenkiJACS?
I had always been intrested in USA,FRANCE and any other countries But I started to think Japan was a great country at this age. (34) I would like some people from foreign countries to realize it just like me. Genki gave me a great opportunity !

3. What culture classes does GenkiJACS have?
We have calligraphy,tea ceremony and kimono,pottery,visiting shrine, Hakata doll, japanese cooking and so on.

4. What is the best part about culture class?
practicing and meeting great teachers.

5. What do you think students like about culture class?
practicing experiences that they have never had before. and meeting specialized teachers

6. Which class seems the most popular?
tea ceremony and kimono so far,,,?

7. Which class do you think is the most interesting?
if I say it,,, Every class ! but I think its up to students how intresting it is

8. Please give a message for future students.
Although I m still learning about Japanese culture , I realize that its so wonderful and so beautiful !! Learning is interesting and meeting people who you dont know as well. thats all I would like to say !

Drum Be-1

Posted on June 14, 2009 | clarice

Fukuoka has several venues for concerts, including Drum Be-1, which is a livehouse place located around 10 minutes from GenkiJACs. They have shows nearly every day, and if you are an indies rock or visual kei fan, you are sure to find something playing while you stay. I've seen D'espairs Ray so far, but a classmate of mine has also seen Mucc and will see Heidi there soon. You can easily get tickets from most convenience stores (the closest one being 1 minute away from school). Jrock bands have been touring the world in recent years, but やっぱり, it doesn't beat going to a concert in Japan :)

GenkiJACS shortlisted as one of world's top language schools 2009!

Posted on June 06, 2009 | evankirby

LTM Star Award

Every year, the study abroad trade publication Language Travel Magazine presents the Star Awards, for the best language schools and agencies worldwide. Thousands of votes are cast to determine which schools offer the best performance. Categories for language schools include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and “Other”, for all other languages. This year, GenkiJACS is proud to have received enough votes to be shortlisted as one of only five nominees in the “Other” category! This means that GenkiJACS is ranked in the top five language schools worldwide (excluding the five languages above)!
Being in business since 2004, we are a relatively new school, which makes this an even greater honor for us. (Last year, the nominees in the same category had been running for between 16 and 33 years, compared to our five.) We have always worked extremely hard to make sure we provide the best possible service to students, and it is great to see that our partners and former students feel that we do a good job.
The full details of all nominees will be published in August, and the names of the final winners will be released in September. To be honest, we think the chances of us actually winning are slim, but this year we’re ecstatic just to have been nominated!


Posted on June 03, 2009 | clarice

Mascots and characters change in Japan regularly, and sometimes I wonder how they end up so popular!
Mameshiba were introduced in Japan in 2008 and feature a bunch of beans with dog faces.

They are still in many places, for example, as UFO catcher prizes. For the past few weeks, some of the students have gotten into a mameshiba craze.

Take a look at the commercials.


Posted on June 02, 2009 | clarice

Yesterday I went with some friends to a dining place called Kasumi-chou. My friend told me it had been on TV and she wanted to try it out. Apparently they said all the staff had cute guys (ikemen)!

The food is cheap (each dish is under 500 yen) and delicious, albeit bite-sized.

It is about a 10-15 minute walk from the school. We had a really nice dinner, sitting outside in the evening.


Temaki Party (May 29)

Posted on June 02, 2009 | clarice

Last Friday was the last day for many students at GenkiJACs. Some of my very good friends left, and it was really hard to see them go. Needless to say, when they made their farewell speeches, there were some tears (and smiles too).

After the ceremony, we had a temaki sushi party.

And after that, there was a Janken match. The loser of each round had to throw a bowl over his or her head while the winner attempts to beat the loser with a stick (rolled newspaper).

In the end, it was down to three people (including Aiko-sensei). They had to play each other at once. It was really funny!

The winner was one of our Fukuoka city volunteers, Shuntarou!!