GenkiJACS receives LTM Star Company Certificate!

Posted on September 30, 2009 | evankirby

We were presented with our Star Award certificate from Language Travel Magazine today!

2009 LTM Star Award
It's a lot shinier in real life!

The text of the certificate is below:
Language Travel Magazine Star Awards
LTM Star “Other” Language Provider 2009
Genki Japanese and Culture School, Japan
The annual industry awards are voted for by our readers – study abroad professionals – and reflect professional judgment as to which companies deserve to be known as an LTM Star company. Education agencies nominate their preferred school partners and international education institutions nominate their choice of professional agency overseas as best partner. Reasons given are personal to each voter and reflect a high commitment to service and quality. Those companies gathering the most votes from industry partners in each category duly receive the LTM Star Award.

For or against international marriage?

Posted on September 04, 2009 | evankirby

Do you think international marriage is a good thing, or a bad thing?
That was the theme for our group discussion. We got a lot of opinions on both sides.

Some were against it because of differences in language and culture.

Some said love can overcome any differences.

We couldn’t come to a final conclusion, but we had fun trying!

Kawarasoba noodle party!

Posted on September 03, 2009 | evankirby

We had a kawarasoba making party at school on Friday night!
“Kawarasoba” is made by frying chasoba noodles, adding toppings like cucumber, and pouring on a special soy sauce. Traditionally the soba noodles would be cooked on a clay tile, but we went with electric hot plates, for convenience.

Students were lined up!

Students had fun choosing their own toppings.

When everyone got full, we played some games, including the traditional “fukuwarai”, or “make a face” game, often played at New Year. It’s a bit like pin the tail on the donkey.

A pretty good example:

It’s harder when you try to draw them yourself:

People watching were laughing too!

Maid cafe!

Posted on September 02, 2009 | evankirby

Students finally got to go to a maid café. Even Hiroshi-san was excited!

As soon as they got to the café, they ordered cake. And of course cake comes with milk! Here’s what we got:

Students look happy too…

But he didn’t eat the rabbit:

Upcoming GenkiJACS events

Posted on September 02, 2009 | evankirby

Here's a quick run-down of the events that are happening soon at GenkiJACS, to give you an idea of what our events schedule looks like:

Tues Sep 1st, 2:30pm: Japanese calligraphy
Wed Sep 2nd, 2:30pm: Making udon noodles
Thurs Sep 3rd, 2:30pm: tour of Hakata textile factory
Thurs Sep 3rd, 4:30pm: movie night! Watch the Japanese movie "Swing Girls" with other students
Fri Sep 4th, 6pm: Sukiyaki party!
Tues Sep 8th, 2:30pm: tea ceremony and kimono-wearing experience
Tues Sep 8th, 4pm: Free city tour
Wed Sep 9th, 2:30pm: visit Kushida shrine
Wed Sep 9th, 17:20~20:30: Traditional Noh theater experience - watch and practice chanting, dancing and drums at the noh theater in Ohori park
Thurs Sep 10th, 2:30pm: sumi-e charcoal painting class
Fri Sep 11th, 6pm: Friday night party!
Sat Sep 12th, 6pm~9pm: Hojouya festival visit
Sun Sep 13th, noon: exchange class

There's lots to choose from, so keep your schedules open!

A new way to memorize the kanji

Posted on September 01, 2009 | evankirby

Dylan from Canada is studying kanji.

One of the best ways to memorize kanji is to write and read them often.
So that’s what Dylan’s doing.

Or maybe he just can’t remember which is left and which is right…

Hopefully he’ll memorize them soon, so he doesn’t have to go around like this forever!