One more cosplay event!

Posted on June 27, 2010 | evankirby

We seem to be going overboard with cosplay these days, but we took students to a cosplay event last weekend. This was run by the company 楽装 (Rakushou) - a Japanese pun name! The word 楽勝 (also rakushou) means "easy victory", used to signify that something will be easy to do. But they changed the second kanji from 勝 ("shou", win) to 装 ("shou", clothes) - quite clever!

Yesterday's event was held at the international ferry terminal - a strange place for cosplay, but most likely chosen for its big outdoor balcony, with great views of the bay. They hold events at a variety of places, including a traditional Japanese town nearby, and even in Central Park, on the 18th of July!

There's also one other company doing cosplay events around Fukuoka, with a slightly different theme - コスプレピックニック (Cosplay Picnic) runs outdoor cosplay events at parks and other outdoor areas. We stumbled onto one of their events last month at Uminonakamichi park - it was amazing to see so many cosplayers spread out around the massive park, and really felt like we had stumbled into a different world!

Cosplay at GenkiJACS!

Posted on June 23, 2010 | evankirby

As part of our preparations for summer, we've cleared out the "Japanese room" at Genki Japanese, and filled it with cosplay costumes! We don't have a lot yet, but students dug into them straight away.

20100624-P1020434 (Large) (Custom).JPG
Well, students and Mai-san, that is. The buffs among you may notice that Mai-san is dressed as Ragna the Bloodedge, from the game Blazblue.

Ragna the Blodedge

Sabu-chan is of course a very fetching Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist:

Roy Mustang

And a ninja rounds out today's trio:

We still have more costumes in storage, and we have a cosplay event planned for this Sunday. Lots of fun!

Edit: Forgot to add photos of the room itself!

Cosplay room

Cosplay room

Uso Deshou?! GenkiJACS voted as one of world's top language schools for 2010 too!

Posted on June 04, 2010 | evankirby

Star Awards logo

News hot off the presses: GenkiJACS has been shortlisted in the Best World Language School category of Language Travel Magazine's Star Awards for the second year in a row! The diligent readers among you will remember that we were shortlisted last year, for the first time ever, although we didn't win overall. The full list of nominees will be released in August, and the final winner will be declared in September, at the Star Awards Gala Ceremony in London. We're hopeful of our chances this year, so fingers crossed everyone!

Being shortlisted is an incredible honor. The Star Awards are decided based on the votes of professionals in the language travel industry. To be recognized two years in a row is a wonderful thing for any school, and even more so for a school as young as GenkiJACS. The other schools shortlisted as best in the world last year are all amazing schools, so it's a privilege to be mentioned in the same category as them. I want to thank the GenkiJACS staff for their brilliant work each and every day, making students more satisfied with us than with any other Japanese school. Here's to a great 2010!

New Cellphone Provider

Posted on June 04, 2010 | evankirby

GenkiJACS has rented cellphones to students for some years now, but the phones we offer have always had a few problems: we don't have enough for everyone, the per-minute costs are high, they don't do SMS, you have to pre-buy talk time at a convenience store, etc. Well, we finally found a solution to all of these problems!

From today, we're working with G-Call to provide cell phones to our students. The phones they offer have lower per-minute costs, SMS and Internet browsing, and convenient credit card payment after you return the cellphone to them.

Click here for information about the new cell phone service.

And if you've already booked a cellphone with GenkiJACS but would like to cancel it in favor of AIR'S, send us an email!

Manga drawing class at Genki Japanese

Posted on June 03, 2010 | evankirby

Students drawing manga

Students and teachers from a local manga school visited GenkiJACS today to teach our students how to draw their own manga. The students did great - some of their manga were incredible!

Finished manga

Possibly the best arcade game in the world

Posted on June 02, 2010 | evankirby

Unlike many other countries, Japan still has its share of arcades, and they're still churning out new games by the bucketload. But we may have found the best one ever:

Chabudaikaeshi game
Behold... 超ちゃぶ台返し! ("chou chabudai gaeshi", Super table flipping)

It's a little hard to tell from the photo, but the control system is... a table.
The official website is here.

The game is simple: In response to the horrible things done by the horrible on-screen family, you hit the table to show your anger. Then finally, when you can't control your anger any longer, you flip over the table, destroying most of the room, and sending your family flying. It's promoted as a stress-reliever. As long as it prevents even one case of real-life table flipping, it's done its job! Videos available at the link above.

Hanami party with Japanese students learning English

Posted on June 01, 2010 | evankirby

We're putting these pictures up very late, but GenkiJACS had a joint hanami party with a local English language school, FCC, recently. Students prepared the previous day by buying the ingredients and preparing traditional food from their own countries.



Cooked food

We walked to Ohori Park, to meet the Japanese people. There were about 60 people in total - a huge party! they brought loads of great food too.

Food outside

After eating we had live music, games, and cross-cultural exchange. A great time was had by all!


Hanami 2

Group photo

Hanami interchange

Special thanks to FCC, and Ishibashi-san, for arranging all of this so well!