Free classes for GenkiJACS students

Posted on May 22, 2011 | evankirby

We're always trying to find ways to give our students more while they study with us, and recently we've been expanding our program of free classes.

In addition to the free city tour on Monday, and the culture lessons (visiting a shrine, tour of Hakata textile college, and experiencing "zazen" meditation), we have the following free events for our Japanese students this week:

Free tutoring: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Free conversation lessons with trainee teachers (current university students): Thursday from 4:30 onwards
Free kanji lessons with trainee teachers: Friday
Volunteer English class (GenkiJACS students help Japanese people with their English): Saturday
Testing of new iPhone games: Wednesday afternoon

These are all free events, to help our students improve their Japanese abilities. Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunities we offer when you come to Genki Japanese School!

Long-term student visa course

Posted on May 18, 2011 | evankirby

It’s been about a year and a half since we started offering long-term study on a student visa through our partnership with another Fukuoka school, FICC. As far as we know, this was the first program of this kind in Japan, but it’s proving to be a very popular option! Last month our third class of students switched from GenkiJACS to our partner school to start their year-long study. It was our biggest class yet by far, but it looks like the October class will be even bigger! We’re glad that so many students like Fukuoka so much that they want to stay here for the long-term. Studying for a year or more really gives students the Japanese skills they need to live and work in Japan for the long-term. And we’re happy that even after students switch to our partner school, they still come back to GenkiJACS to hang out and study – the Fukuoka foreign community gets a little closer and friendlier each year!
More info about our innovative long-term course is available here.

Here's a comment from a student currently on the course, Jose-san:
It’s been a month since I started the long-term course on FICC, but I’ve felt as if the time has flown by. At first I had a few problems, but the staff is very kind and helped me in everything I needed. The teachers are very kind and they get involved a lot with the students. There is almost every day a mini-test, but we use the grammar and vocabulary repeatedly so they are not so difficult.
There is also a teacher in charge of helping and counseling you about finding a part time job.
FICC is not only a Japanese school for foreigners but also an English school for Japanese, so you can meet Japanese people and make Japanese friends.

Mandarake officially opens!

Posted on May 08, 2011 | evankirby

Mandarake opening

Last week was Golden Week holiday season in Japan, so the school was closed for a few days. But Mandarake took this time to open their store in the GenkiJACS building! The place was swarming with otaku and cosplayers, and a local girl group band, LinQ, turned out in costume to surprise early customers.

Mandarake opening with cosplayers

Here's a release in Japanese about the opening.
And here's Mandarake's official info page on their new shop.

We went a bit crazy in their cosplay section, and bought 5 new costumes for students. Now we just have to find a place to put them all...

Cosplay costumes