New Japanese cellphone rental company

Posted on July 23, 2012 | evankirby

We've finally managed to arrange with a new Japanese rental cellphone company to offer very cheap rentals to our students. Normally short-term rentals can work out extremely expensive, in 3 ways: rental fee, calling fee, and data fee. The new rental plan we've arranged fixes all three of these problems: rental fees are even cheaper than our previous company, at roughly 500 yen per week. Calling fees are basically the same as a long-term contract, at 60 yen per minute. And the already reasonable data fees are capped at 10,000 yen per month maximum. So it's a great deal all round!

Having a cellphone is one of the best ways to enjoy your time in Japan - it's an essential tool for making friends and helping yourself in emergencies. We recommend all students to bring or rent one!

The only problem is that their website is currently only in Japanese. They're currently translating it to English for you, but until they do, you'll have to work on your kanji reading skills! Rental cellphone details are here.

Poem-writing in the intermediate class

Posted on July 08, 2012 | evankirby

A blog entry from Maiko-sensei about an in-class activity for intermediate students:


この詩の勉強をした次の授業でこの「私と小鳥と鈴と」の詩を 自分たちで作ってもらおうと思っていたところ、学生たちが自ら授業外で協力して作ってきました。


元の詩にはない、「俺」や「あたし」という言葉を使って 彼らなりの特色を出している所が面白いなあと思います。





Didn't they do well?

Fukuoka ranks as 12th best city in the world!

Posted on July 08, 2012 | evankirby

Can't believe we missed this! Monocle Magazine ranked Fukuoka as the 12th most liveable city in the world this year - a big leap from last year, and close to breaking the all-important top 10!

Wikipedia's article, as we can't find it on Monocle's own website.

Yamakasa is coming!

Posted on July 04, 2012 | evankirby

Strange structures have appeared throughout Fukuoka City! In preparation for the Yamakasa festival on July 15th, giant decorative "yamas" are on display around the town. Here is the one closest to GenkiJACS, in the Shintencho shopping arcade:
Yamakasa in Fukuoka
One side is the traditional motifs, but the other side is characters from famous manga/anime Sazae-san!
Yamakasa in Fukuoka
The creator of Sazae-san, Machiko Hasegawa, grew up in Fukuoka, and recently one of the streets in the Momochi area was renamed Sazae-doori in her honor.

During the actual festival, they'll carry much smaller floats through the streets. But it's still a great event - we'll be taking students there, and we hope you'll join us!

Language Exchange Partners

Posted on July 02, 2012 | evankirby

To help our students meet Japanese people, we offer a Language Exchange Partner (LEP) system. We match Japanese students with a Japanese person who has similar interests, and arrange for them to meet. This helps you to make that all-important first friend in Japan!


Last weekend, Japanese student Emily's LEP partner took her to ABC Cooking School, where they made tiramisu together. We're always happy to see students getting along so well, and LEP partners introducing our students to experiences they couldn't have otherwise! Whne you come, make sure you request to join Genki Japanese Language School's LEP program too.