Photos of our new school branch location in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Posted on March 19, 2013 | evankirby

Hanazono Shrine

We finally confirmed the location of our new Japanese language school branch in Tokyo! From June 2013, GenkiJACS' Tokyo school will open in the wonderful Hanazono building, overlooking the famous 花園神社 (Hanazono Shrine)! We are incredibly excited about this location, because it's perfect for us:
- The most conveniently located Japanese school in the world. Just minutes from Shinjuku Station, in the heart of Tokyo.
- The perfect place to study. Set back from the main road, and with only a quiet shrine beside, students will be able to focus on learning the language without distraction.
- The perfect place to truly experience Japanese culture. Shinjuku has the best of Japan's pop culture available 24 hours a day, while Hanazono Shrine will give students a unique chance to experience traditional rites.

Tokyo Japanese language school building

We've added an album of photos to our gallery.
Construction on the school will begin soon, and we'll be welcoming students from June 3rd. We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo!


Video Intro to Fukuoka and Kyushu

Posted on March 18, 2013 | evankirby

Here's a great video just released to promote Fukuoka City as a tourist destination, to celebrate the start of direct flights between Fukuoka and Europe. It really gives you a feel for what living in Fukuoka is like, as well as all the things you can do here. Well worth 11 minutes of your time!

Congrats to Nick at Fukuoka Now for doing such a good job as guide!

White day

Posted on March 14, 2013 | Aiko

We love 14th March.

We love chocolates.

A lot.



Looking GOOD!!!

W-san and E-san !!! Arigato gozaimasu!!!!

Baby news!

Posted on March 10, 2013 | genkijacs

On February 10th, at 7:32 in the evening, our office staff Yuki Yamazaki gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

Soushirou was 3,900 grams at birth, but now weighs over 5000grams! Yuki-san expects to be back at school from next February. We went to visit Yuki-san and Sou-chan in February. They were doing very well. Yuki-san is planning to come to school with Sou-chan this Friday! We can not wait to see her baby boy!!! Of course, we will update the pictures!

Mai-san is holding Soushirou-kun!

Machiko-sensei looks so happy to meet Soushirou-kun.

Aiko-sensei wants to give him loads of kisses!!!

GenkiJACS to open Japanese language school in Tokyo!

Posted on March 04, 2013 | evankirby

Shinjuku Station

Huge news! We will open a Tokyo branch of Genki Japanese Language School in June this year! Plans are still in progress, but it looks like the new school will be easy walking distance from Shinjuku Station, right in the heart of the world's busiest city. It couldn't get more convenient!

We should have three Fukuoka GenkiJACS staff there to kick it off: Tomoe-sensei will be school manager as well as teacher, Junko-sensei will be teaching, and Ayako-san will be working in administration!
The new school will be basically the same as GenkiJACS’ current great school in Fukuoka – most of the courses and accommodation options will be the same, and the teaching style will of course be unchanged. However, there will be a few differences:
1) No homestays, at least at first. It’s tough to arrange convenient homestays in Tokyo, so we’re leaving this for later, if at all.
2) No unaccompanied under-18 students. We feel Tokyo isn’t a suitable environment for younger students to be by themselves.
3) No Japanese Plus Activities or Japanese Plus Exams courses. We're keeping it simple!

There’s still lots to be decided for the new school, and lots of work to do, but we’ll be adding details to the main site every week, as things are completed. And we hope we’ll see you in Tokyo sometime soon!