Posted on June 25, 2013 | genkijacs

Last week, our Tokyo Culture Class learned how to make Kaminari-okoshi!

Kaminari-okoshi is a traditional Japanese snack made from cripsy rice boiled in sugar and butter. It was traditionally sold by venders near the Kaminari-mon entrace to Sensouji shrine in Asakusa, and today, the sweet shop "5656 Cha-ay" ("gorogoro cha-ya"), located on the grounds of Sensouji shrine, offers lessons in how to make these delicious treats.

20130620-p1030693.jpg 20130620-p1030696.jpg

After an example lesson by the sensei, the students tried it out for themselves.


They added peanuts to the crispy rice, but according to the sensei, you can also add dried fruits, cholocate, or green tea powder to create different interesting flavours.

It was so yummy!


Check out photos of the event in our gallery here!

Lovely postcard from former students

Posted on June 22, 2013 | evankirby

Japanese language school postcard

We received the lovely postcard above from a couple of students who finished studying at our Japanese language school in Fukuoka recently. It's always nice to hear from students who enjoyed studying Japanese with us!

Tokyo, Fukuoka ranked as world's best cities!

Posted on June 20, 2013 | evankirby

Monocle Magazine has released their 2012 world quality of life ranking! And it looks like GenkiJACS has chosen the locations of our Japanese schools well: Tokyo is ranked 4th this year (up from 7th) while Fukuoka is ranked 12th (same as last year). These are the two highest Japanese cities in the ranking.
The article is only available online to subscribers. But Fukuoka Now has the full list here. Now you can try both, by studying at our Japanese language schools in both Tokyo and Fukuoka!

Genki Japanese Language School in Tokyo

Posted on June 18, 2013 | genkijacs

After a very busy month of preparations, we finally opened the new branch of Genki Japanese Language School in Tokyo on the 3rd of June!
It's located just minutes from the JR Shinjuku Station, right on the grounds of the famous Hanazono Shrine. We're so pleased to already have so many students studying with us here in Tokyo, and look forward to seeing more and more pupils join in the fun!


The school has six classrooms, and a lounge where students can relax with free coffee and tea, watch TV and play games in the afternoons after lessons. There's also free wi-fi of course, and a book exchange where you can take or leave any non-Japanese books on the shelf. We also have a collection of manga available, so if you feel like leveling up your Japanese, why not challenge Chobits, GTO, or One Piece?

20130618-p1030449.jpg 20130618-p1030667.jpg

It's great to see our new students' smiling faces as they learn Japanese!


Would you like to experience the fast-paced Tokyo life? Why not visit our school there? If you like it, stay a while!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the new school!

Great hotel booking website

Posted on June 18, 2013 | evankirby

This is Evan with Japanese language school GenkiJACS.
We've been booking a lot of hotels these days, as we set up the new Tokyo branch of our Japanese school. Recently we've found ourselves using a new English-language website a lot of the time, as it often has cheaper prices than most of the Japanese websites, and offers a good range of hotels. The website is Japanican.com, and it's run by giant Japanese travel agency JTB. In addition to hotels, they also offer traditional ryokan, as well as a variety of tours. So they can help if you want to take a break from studying Japanese at our language school!

Robot Restaurant!

Posted on June 03, 2013 | genkijacs

GenkiJACS staff were treated to a night at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku this weekend. Even though the name has "restaurant" in it, it's actually a "robot" show! Buying a ticket to the show gets you entry, two free drinks a food box if you choose to have it.

The lobby of the restaurant looks like something out of an 80's sci-fi film, LED lights and mirrors everywhere!

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

The show itself is a visual feast of colours and lights, accompanied by some catchy tunes (you haven't lived until you've seen these "robots" do the Gangnam Style dance!) The scantily clad ladies are sure to be a hit with the male audience, while the robot characters (automated robotic dogs and large mecha "driven" by the girls) are sure to provide entertainment for anyone watching the show.

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

The show changes periodically to include new choreography and robot characters, so you won't see the same items twice.

Check out more pictures of the event in our Facebook gallery!