Posted on June 25, 2013 | genkijacs

Last week, our Tokyo Culture Class learned how to make Kaminari-okoshi!

Kaminari-okoshi is a traditional Japanese snack made from cripsy rice boiled in sugar and butter. It was traditionally sold by venders near the Kaminari-mon entrace to Sensouji shrine in Asakusa, and today, the sweet shop "5656 Cha-ay" ("gorogoro cha-ya"), located on the grounds of Sensouji shrine, offers lessons in how to make these delicious treats.

20130620-p1030693.jpg 20130620-p1030696.jpg

After an example lesson by the sensei, the students tried it out for themselves.


They added peanuts to the crispy rice, but according to the sensei, you can also add dried fruits, cholocate, or green tea powder to create different interesting flavours.

It was so yummy!


Check out photos of the event in our gallery here!

Robot Restaurant!

Posted on June 03, 2013 | genkijacs

GenkiJACS staff were treated to a night at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku this weekend. Even though the name has "restaurant" in it, it's actually a "robot" show! Buying a ticket to the show gets you entry, two free drinks a food box if you choose to have it.

The lobby of the restaurant looks like something out of an 80's sci-fi film, LED lights and mirrors everywhere!

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

The show itself is a visual feast of colours and lights, accompanied by some catchy tunes (you haven't lived until you've seen these "robots" do the Gangnam Style dance!) The scantily clad ladies are sure to be a hit with the male audience, while the robot characters (automated robotic dogs and large mecha "driven" by the girls) are sure to provide entertainment for anyone watching the show.

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

The show changes periodically to include new choreography and robot characters, so you won't see the same items twice.

Check out more pictures of the event in our Facebook gallery!