Cherry blossoms 2014

Posted on January 29, 2014 | genkijacs

The first sakura (cherry blossom) forecasts for 2014 are in. 花見(はなみ - cherry blossom viewing) heralds the coming of warmer spring weather in Japan, and is such a big deal over here that people have whole parties dedicated to just sitting under the flowering sakura trees and looking at the pretty blossoms.

Just like there are weather forecasts overseas, in Japan, there are sakura forecasts predicting when the first flowers will start blooming, and this year, the first forecasts have started coming in as early as the second week of January.


Early forecasts are available on sites like Weathermap and Otenki.

As you can see by the differing dates, no one is 100% sure yet when exactly the first blossoms will appear, but it's looking like Fukuoka will start seeing sakura from the 20th~24th of March, and Tokyo between the 24th~30th of March.

More accurate forecasts are expected starting from the first week of March. We'll keep you updated!

Fukuoka Welcome Campaign

Posted on January 24, 2014 | genkijacs

Fukuoka City is having a huge discount/special item campaign aimed at foreign tourists at the moment. Until the 9th of February, most of the majour shopping malls, restaurants and tourist centres are offering discounted prices or special items to foreigners who present a valid passport and show them a flyer and/or the official website of the campaign (on a phone or tablet).
Look out for the "Fukuoka Welcome Campaign"


There is a complete list of all the shops offering discounts/special items, and their respective privileges, on the official website.

GenkiJACS staff caricatures

Posted on January 20, 2014 | genkijacs

We received this very special going-away present from one of our long-term students, Bjorn-san.

Can you spot all the different GenkiJACS teachers and staff?

(Here is a slightly bigger version!)

Thanks so much, Bjorn-san! We hung this very lovely gift in the hallway next to reception!

Internship in Japan Program at Genki Japanese School!

Posted on January 15, 2014 | evankirby

Internships in Japan

From 2014, Genki Japanese School has partnered with the biggest internship provider for foreigners in Japan, to offer a combined study and internship program! After studying with GenkiJACS, you can start an internship with any one of thousands of companies in Tokyo, and work there between 4 and 12 weeks. It's the perfect way to start your career in Japan!

Our partner is Internships in Japan. We chose them because of all the internship programs we looked at, theirs was by far the most professional, and offered the widest range of possible placements. They basically don't limit the potential fields for internship placement, as their huge network of companies allows them to arrange internships in almost any kind of industry. The also provide a full-service package, including Japanese business skills training, resume and interview support, and continuous care during your internship. We haven't been able to find any internship program in Japan with even remotely this level of service. We feel proud to have them as partner!
We should also mention that the prices for internship placement are not the cheapest on offer. We believe that the great service and unparalleled range of options provided by our Internships in Japanis more than worth it. However, you'll be happy to hear we have also negotiated a special package for GenkiJACS students, at a good discount off their standard price when booked with your Japanese study. Check the internship info page on our main site for more details and how to apply!

We're looking forward in 2014 to helping you realize your dream to live and work in Japan!

New website is live!

Posted on January 15, 2014 | genkijacs

Our new website is live! It's a big change, but we're pretty excited! We'll be making a few more updates during the next while, as well as fixing a few minor bugs - if you spot anything that's broken, let us know! It should be responsive, meaning it should (technically...) display correctly on smartphones as well. We've also made some changes to our courses and costs for 2014...keep checking back for more exciting new content!

Let us know what you think! We'll be happy to hear your opinions on the new look. The all new!

Japanese keyboard layout

Posted on January 10, 2014 | genkijacs

We often have students at our language school who find it difficult to use Japanese keyboards, so we've put together a basic guide showing all the most frequently used keys, and where they are. Click the image to make it larger!


New Year Event for Genki Japanese students

Posted on January 09, 2014 | evankirby

We always arrange a special event for our Japanese school students on the first day of the new year. On the first day of classes this year, we arranged a full program of activities.

First, we took Fukuoka students to a nearby shrine for 初詣 ("hatsumoude", first visit to a shrine of the new year)
Kego Shrine
We took students to 警固神社 (Kego Jinja, Kego Shrine), a lovely little shrine close to school. Shrines often have a festival atmosphere at this time of year, and Kego Shrine did too, with food stalls out.
Food stalls
Then students made new year wishes.
New Year wishing
And finally students bought おみくじ ("omikuji", fortunes), and if they liked their fortune, tied it to the rails to help it come true.

Then we had a demonstration of traditional 獅子舞 ("shishimai") dancing at school.
Lion dancing
Lucky students were bitten by the lions.
Lions biting students
Even luckier students had the chance to try on the costumes themselves!
Shishimai costumes

It was a great chance to experience some parts of Japanese culture you don't get to see everyday!

Interesting Japanese - www

Posted on January 07, 2014 | genkijacs

If you exchange a lot of texts with Japanese people, you'll have noticed they tend to use "www" a lot in their conversations. "w" is Japanese language text-speak for "lol" (the "w" is short for 笑い - "warai" - to laugh), and "www" is called "草" (くさ - kusa) in Japanese . Generally, the more "w"'s there are, the funnier something is. One of the kanji used to write kusa is 艸 - which texters will often use in emoticons, since it looks like a pair of hands raised to cover someone's mouth as though laughing: (*´艸`*)

Fukuoka Tower

Posted on January 03, 2014 | genkijacs

Tokyo is famous for being home to two of the three tallest towers in Japan - Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree - but Fukuoka isn't to be left behind. At 234 meters high, the third tallest tower in Japan happens to be Fukuoka tower!


So for all our Japanese language students who want to go tower-hopping while in Japan (yes, that is a real thing!) we highly recommend Fukuoka tower. It's not that expensive to go up, and the views over the city and sea are breathtaking. You can even seen GenkiJACS Fukuoka if you look hard enough! (Find the large green blob - Ohori park - and look East from there...)

Happy 2014!

Posted on January 01, 2014 | genkijacs

To all of our Japanese language students at GenkiJACS Toyko and Fukuoka, and to everyone else who has studied with us in the past, or is thinking of joining us in the future, happy new year! May 2014 be filled with happiness and warmth, and may you keep all your new year's resolutions!

Here's to another exciting year at GenkiJACS. あけましておめでとうございます!