**Guest blog** Miyazaki surf trip

Posted on August 27, 2014 | genkijacs

Our Fukuoka Japanese language students went on a weekend surfing trip to beautiful Miyazaki on the 16th. Our student lifestyle coordinator, Yuuki-san, organized the whole trip, and was kind enough to write us a blog entry about the experience.



We went to Miyazaki for a Surf Trip on 16-17th Aug. My family and I, Kayo-san, and 11 students went to Miyazaki together!! Miyazaki is one of the best surf hotspots in Japan. When we arrived, there were already many other surfers from all over Japan. All the students who participated were beginners, so my husband (Shintarou-san), Gordon-san, and Shigenaga-san (a family friend) entered the sea and pushed everyone’s surf boards. Thanks to them, some students were able to stand on their boards! We stayed at a private home providing meals and lodging along the beach. Dinner was delicious chicken Nanban, a famous Miyazaki meal, and sashimi. Breakfast was Japanese style “Washoku”. It was very delicious! It was only a short trip of 2 days and 1 night, but everybody seemed to enjoy the hot summer in Japan. On the way back to Fukuoka, the traffic was very congested because of the national Obon holidays, so it took seven hours to get back to Fukuoka…! Otsukaresama!! I hope we can make it again next year :-)
Special thanks to Shintarou-san, Gordon-san, Shigena-san, and Kayo-san!!


Check out our Facebook for some photos of the trip!

Gourmet comes to Fukuoka school!

Posted on August 25, 2014 | genkijacs

One of our Japanese language students, who trained as a professional chef, recently cooked a delicious meal for teachers and staff at our Fukuoka school.
The meal was a mouth-watering fusion of European cuisine. Many teachers reported having tears spring to their eyes upon tasting the delicious taste explosion.

Jacob-san, thank you so much for the awesome meal! (And you know, if you feel like coming over again...we don't mind...really...any time...please...we might starve without you.........)







GenkiJACS outlesson

Posted on August 21, 2014 | genkijacs

One of the things that sets our Japanese language school apart from others is that we teach students how to apply what they've learned in class, outside school in real-world situations.

Yesterday, we followed some of our students from Fukuoka school on one of their conversational class outlessons. Students had learned how to ask for directions in Japanese in class, and were set loose on the streets of Tenjin to test their knowledge!

The first part of the challenge was asking for directions.

And the next part was listening to the actual directions given, and seeing if they could understand what to do, and where to go!

After asking the route, students then drew it out on a map of Tenjin, before comparing notes to see if they all understood the directions clearly.

Big success! All of our students got where they were supposed to go, without getting lost!
Good job, guys!

Japanese Tweet-slang

Posted on August 13, 2014 | genkijacs

Our Japanese language students following Japanese friends or celebrities on Twitter may have come across some of these before. Because of the character limit, it sometimes becomes necessary to abbreviate (in some cases, quite a bit!) to fit all your thoughts into one Tweet. Of course, sometimes these abbreviations just become habit, so you use them all the time anyway (no one says "retweet" anymore... it's just "RT"). Here are a few examples of the more frequently seen ones on Twitter:

AZS (or あざーす):
ありがとうございます ("thank you").

(This one requires some explanation!)
In spoken Japanese, sometimes words that end on "い" (e.g. "ない"), sometimes get pronounced "えー" (as in, "じゃねー" instead of "じゃない").
Now, if you wanted to express that you think someone is cool in Japanese, you would say ○○さん、かっこいい (or, if you were to change the い-sound, カッケー).
The Japanese word for "triangle" is 三角形 ("さんかくけい" pronounced "さんかっけい" in this case).
You can see where this is going, right? さんかっけい... ○○さん、カッケー...
"I think Johhny Depp is really cool!" would be "ジョニー・デップさん、カッケー!" in Japanese, or in Twitter language, would be ジョニー・デップ△!

なう / わず / うぃる :
These are all transliterations of English words - "now", "was" and "will" - and perform more or less the same functions. Tacked on to the end of words, they function as a simple to way to say when the word is taking place (and so, when you are going to do/have done something), for example:
なう → 夕食なう (ゆうしょくなう): Having dinner now / 新宿なう (しんじゅくなう): I'm in Shinjuku right now
わず → カラオケわず: I went to karaoke earlier
うぃる → ラーメンうぃる: I'm going to have ramen later
Interestingly, these are always written in hiragana (and not katakana, which is traditionally used to display foreign/loan words)...

Represents applause, when someone congratulates you on something.
Japanese onomatopoeia for "applause" is "パチパチ" (which translates to 88 - "はちはち"), so 888888 is the sound of many hands clapping.

You're sure to surprise your Japanese Twitter followers by using some of these in your Tweets!

New attractions at USJ

Posted on August 06, 2014 | genkijacs

Anime fans among our Japanese language students will be excited to hear that Universal Studios Japan (located in Osaka), is planning on running several anime- and game-themed attractions for a limited time in 2015. Arguably the most exciting of these will be the Attack on Titan and Evangelion attractions, but there will also be many other interesting new themed areas based around popular games, anime and manga! Not many details have been released regarding the actual attractions themselves - currently, there is speculation that the Attack on Titan attraction will feature a ride, and some sort of escape game.

(Imagine the possibilities... terrifyingly fun, or just terrifying?!)

USJ made the announcement of the new attractions in early August, following the massive success of its "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" themepark (still ongoing - if you are a fan of Harry Potter, it's not be missed!)

The attractions will only run for a limited time from January 2015 (with the Attack on Titan themed area specifically ending in May), so make sure you don't miss out!