Posted on September 28, 2014 | genkijacs

On Saturday, we said a very sad (temporary) goodbye to one of the teachers who has been with us the longest, Machiko-sensei. Previous Genki students will know what an integral part of the school she was - we can't imagine a GenkiJACS where Machiko-sensei isn't busily bustling around on Monday morning getting all the new students sorted into class!

GenkiJACS Fukuoka staff - with a special appearance by Tokyo school's Tomoe-sensei! - celebrated the end of summer, as well as Machiko-sensei's farewell, at Mitsubachi, a beautiful restaurant in Nakasu, located right on one of the canals.



Teachers and staff had a great evening enjoying delicious food and drinks, before Machiko-sensei got a special surprise from the restaurant managers!


As well as some gifts from GenkiJACS.


Before Yuji-sensei and Tetsuya-sensei ended the evening with a special Hakata-style 一本締め (いっぽんじめ, "ippon jime" - hand-clapping to celebrate the conclusion of an event).


Machiko-sensei is taking an extended leave of absence to travel to London, but it won't be forever! She promised to be back soon. We'll miss her dearly while she's gone!

In the meantime, Nabe-sensei has taken over overseeing Beginner 2 and above students.

We're not saying さようなら, because we will definitely meet again. See you again soon, Machiko-sensei!


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The crying politician, Ryutaro Nonomura

Posted on September 03, 2014 | genkijacs

If you've found yourself going online with any kind frequency during the last few months, you've probably seen the video of the "crying Japanese politician", Ryutaro Nonomura.


Nonomura broke down emotionally at a press conference held in early July. The 47-year-old politician was accused of "misusing" an alleged ¥3m in public funds for personal gains, and forced to apologize for his conduct in a national press conference.

If you haven't seen the video, this is it:

Things start to unravel at around 1:30, and it's all downhill from there.

The video was uploaded to the internet shortly after the conference, and, in the way of these things, immediately went viral. It became so popular that Nonomura even has his own line of mechandise, including:


20140903-2.jpg 20140903-22.jpg 20140903-23.jpg

LINE stickers


Various fan art

20140903-4.jpg 20140903-0001.png

and even his own series of Dubstep remixes:

His passionate cry of "この日本…世の中を変えたい!" (このにほん・・・よのなかをかえたい!) (at around 3:37-ish in the original video) is set to become one of the 流行語 of 2014.

Nonomura has since resigned from his position in the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly.