GenkiJACS Fukuoka is moving!

Posted on April 09, 2015 | genkijacs

After 9 years in our current location, almost the entirety of GenkiJACS Fukuoka’s time on this sweet earth, we’re finally moving! In May GenkiJACS Fukuoka will take over a six-floor building just a few minutes’ walk from Hakata Station, the biggest train station in Southern Japan, in the center of Fukuoka City. That’s right, a massive six floors of Genki goodness! Renovations are still ongoing, so we don’t have a whole lot of photos to show you yet, but we’ll be adding them as we get them.

The expansion will allow us to provide better facilities for students, and most importantly, bigger classrooms, as the current ones were a bit cramped, especially compared to the spacious rooms in our Tokyo branch.

The move is planned for Golden Week, to reduce disruption to classes. This means if you are studying with us over the Golden Week period, you’ll have classes at our current location until the day before Golden Week starts, and then you’ll have classes at our new location when you come back from the GW holiday.

This new building will let us improve the facilities and services we offer to students in the future. It’s an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Check out more details on the new location here.


We previously linked to Tofugu when they posted an interesting article about learning Japanese by using Ghibli movies.
Well, Tofugu has done it again: This time, they teach learners of the Japanese language all about anatomy, using some very interesting phrases - some we hadn't even heard of before! Their interesting method of teaching gave us quite a few chuckles.
Check out the entry here.

Yelp! Now in Fukuoka

Posted on April 02, 2015 | genkijacs

Yelp, an online and mobile app platform that publishes unsolicited reviews about local business around the world, has recently launched in Fukuoka. Previously only available in Tokyo and Osaka, Yelp has slowly gained popularity in the Japanese market over the last few years, and finally reached the Southern island of Japan in March 2015. The app kicked off with a small launch party at Bar Vita in Tenjin on the 22nd of March.
Attendees (many of whom were previously unregistered with Yelp) got to try out the app as part of the party games, making them Fukuoka's first official "Yelpers".


Tons of local businesses including restaurants, sports clubs and even famous sightseeing spots such as temples and shrines, have already registered on the app and are available for review.
It's likely to turn into a very useful tool for our Fukuoka-based Japanese language students, so if you haven't downloaded the app yet, why not give it a try?

You can read more about Yelp and give their search a try on their official Japanese site.