Free Japanese Study Competition Video

Posted on October 28, 2015 | evankirby

Liza and Evan made a quick video explaining a bit about our Year of Free Study Competition. If you're not sure what to talk about in your video and you have 3 minutes to spare, give it a watch!

Don't forget to enter the competition afterwards - not long left till we choose a winner!

Incredible Competition: Win One Year of Free Study!

Posted on October 23, 2015 | evankirby

One year of free study in Japan

Following on from the huge news yesterday that GenkiJACS Fukuoka has become the newest government-accredited school in Japan, today we have this announcement:

GenkiJACS is offering one lucky lucky person a full year of intensive Japanese study at our Fukuoka Japanese school!

This nearly unbelievable offer is only open until November 12, so get your entries in quick. One randomly selected entrant will be coming to Japan in April or October 2016 to study on our long-term student visa course. You'll still need to pay for your airfare, accommodation and living expenses, but you'll never have to worry about tuition!

It's a video competition, so to enter you'll need to upload a video of yourself to Youtube, but we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you. Click here for all competition details, and to enter.

Hope we'll see you in Japan soon!

GenkiJACS is newest accredited Japanese school!

Posted on October 23, 2015 | evankirby

Possibly the biggest news in our 10 years of existence: As of October 23, 2015, Genki Japanese School became the newest fully accredited Japanese language school in Japan!

This has been planned for a long time, so we're incredibly happy to finally see those plans come to fruition. The Japanese government's accreditation process for Japanese schools is slow, tough, detailed and often quite frustrating (sorry, Japanese government!). For example, schools are required to own the school building (no rentals allowed). This is the reason that we bought a 6-floor building in Fukuoka last year, and moved into it this May.

The reward for completing the accreditation process is that now, GenkiJACS can provide student visas to all qualified applicants who book to study for a year with us. This is awesome for two reasons:
1) People who previously could only study with us for short periods can now come for a full year. Citizens of most countries can stay in Japan for up to 6 months on a visa waiver, but anything longer than 6 months requires a formal long-term visa such as the student visa.
2) People studying on the student visa can receive lots of discounts such as cheap health insurance, travel, cell phone contracts and more!

It's important to note that for now, this accreditation only relates to our Fukuoka school, not Tokyo. This is because we don't own the school building in Tokyo. So, we can only provide student visas for long-term study in Fukuoka.

There is more information about the long-term course that is eligible for the student visa here.

There is more info about visas, including the student visas, here.

The official student visa application deadline is the 20th of November, but if we fill up before then, we will be stopping applications. Places on the student visa course starting in April are very limited, so if you're planning to study with us then, we recommend booking as early as possible. See you in Fukuoka in 2016!

Japan's 72 Seasons

Posted on October 21, 2015 | evankirby

We often say that to learn the Japanese language well, you also need to learn the culture, because the two are deeply intertwined. Here's one more example of that, with a full list of the 72 seasons of Japan, courtsey of! These seasons were originally taken from China, then adapted to Japan in the 1600s. Today is "Crickets chirp around the door" season, although we haven't seen many around our Japanese language schools in Tokyo and Fukuoka...

Our current favorite is probably June 11-15, "Rotten grass becomes fireflies". They are all based in nature, which makes sense for tracking the seasons, of course, but doesn't always work so well these days with climate change and urbanization. Perhaps we need to update the list - "September 17-20: Otaku swarm to Tokyo for the annual Tokyo Game Show", anyone?