Video of Star World Language School 2016 Award Speech

Posted on September 28, 2016 | evankirby

Study Travel Magazine has uploaded of all the winner's speeches from the 2016 Star Awards in London in September. This of course includes Liza receiving Genki Japanese Language School's award for Star World Language School 2016. Now you get to see Liza's wonderful speech in all its glory!

Fukuoka is great, say people from Fukuoka

Posted on September 27, 2016 | evankirby

Fukuoka's government newspaper, 福岡市政だより ("Fukuoka shisei dayori") just published the results of their latest questionnaire on what Fukuoka residents think of the city.And the results are the best ever! A whopping 95.8% of residents say that the city is 住みやすい ("sumiyasui", easy to live in). And only 1.6% of people said it was difficult to live here.

The reasons why people love Fukuoka, in order of popularity, were:

1. Delicious fresh food: 90.3%
2. Convenient shopping: 87%
3. Lots of nature: 83.3%
4. Nice, friendly people: 78.6%
5. Ample medical facilities: 77.8%
6. Convenient transport: 76.1%
7. Well-mannered citizens: 44.5%
8. Good job market: 43.7%
9. Low crime rate: 37.2%

It's nice that Japanese people enjoy Fukuoka as much as our students do! If you haven't visited yet, don't miss your chance!

Japanese school students go to see "new half" show

Posted on September 20, 2016 | evankirby


Students at GenkiJACS' Fukuoka Japanese language school recently were invited to watch a show at Fukuoka's longest-running "new half" club. "New half "(ニューハーフ) is the Japanese way of saying transvestite. In recent years, LGBT have become more visible in Japan, partly through the popularity of celebrities such as Ikko, Kayo Satoh, and several others. There is still often a sense of "otherness" in the way that the LGBT community is viewed by the population at large, but there seems to be little direct prejudice.

Anmitsuhime for Japanese school

We were invited to attend a special test performance at あんみつ姫 (Anmitsuhime, most likely named after the manga of the same name) of their newest show, which is specifically aimed at foreigners. The rapidly growing number of tourists visiting Fukuoka has meant a lot more places are offering services specifically for foreigners recently, and Anmitsuhime is no exception. Their shows generally mix comedy and dance numbers. Their new show followed a similar pattern, but the comedy elements focused more on physical than verbal play, to make things easy for the foreigners in the audience.

Anmitsuhime Japanese language school show

They were kind enough to allow our students to watch completely free, including free drinks! The show was of course great, with incredible costumes and decoration, great music, and very funny routines. They have reportedly been running for 35 years in Fukuoka now! Here's hoping they run for 35 years more!

Japanese language school attends Anmitsuhime

Genki Japanese is Star World Language School 2016!

Posted on September 05, 2016 | evankirby

Star Awards all winners
Incredible news! Every year in September, the Study Travel Star Awards honor the top language schools worldwide. They're basically the Oscars of the language travel industry, the highest award available. And this year, Genki Japanese and Culture School won! By popular vote, we were named Star World Language School 2016. This means we're not just the top Japanese school, but the top language school worldwide!

Genki 2016 Star Award for best language school

This is an incredible honor for us. Long-time Genki watchers will know that we have been nominated and shortlisted every year since 2009, but this year is our first time to actually win! A lot of other great schools are nominated in this category, including the wonderful Kai Japanese in Tokyo, and our friends Mandarin House in China, so it's still difficult to comprehend that we won.

Genki 2016 Star Award prize

A massive thank-you to everyone who voted for us, and of course to all of the staff and teachers at our Tokyo and Fukuoka schools, who work so hard every day to do the best we can for our students. It's awesome to receive this kind of recognition of their efforts.

To celebrate this wonderful event, we'll be running a variety of promotions and celebrations in the near future, so watch this space!

Click here for a full list of nominees and winners of all categories.