Shiritori (しりとり)

Posted on December 19, 2016 | genkijacs

This game is a fun way of memorizing vocabulary. Shiritori means “taking the end”, which is exactly what this fun Japanese word game is about. The players take turns saying words that start with the last kana character of the previous one. Of course, there are similar games in other languages but the challenge becomes even greater when played with kana instead of letters.

Why don’t you go ahead and try this game with your friends? These are the basic rules:

1. Of course, the word has to start with the previous word’s last syllable.
2. A word can only be used once.
3. If the word ends in ん, the next player loses.
4. If a word’s last kana has a “long sound” (chuon), there are three different possibilities. (ex.: きょうとう):
4.I. Use the chuon as a vowel. (In the example, オcould be used as the beginning of the following word; e.g.オレンジ.)
4.II. Ignore the chuon. (In the example, the next word could begin with ト; e.g. トマト. )
4.III. Let the next word begin with a chuon. (e.g. とうきょう)

We Have a Winner

Posted on December 12, 2016 | genkijacs

This year`s winning 流行語 (りゅうこうご) have been announced on December 1st. And 2016’s “word of the year” is …


This phrase is based on the Japanese word 神(かみ)(=god), which has been turned into a verb describing the receipt of the gods’ spirit. It characterizes miraculous or rather superhuman behavior.
This year, the phrase suddenly gained popularity after it had been used by the manager of the Hiroshima Toyo Carps, referring to his baseball team’s performance in June. One of the players, Seiya Suzuki, had shown “god-like” skills during Central League Championship. According to the manager, he had picked up this phrase from his children.

Apart from 「神ってる」, the following other 流行語 have made it to the TOP 10:

→ 「ゲス不倫」(ゲスフリン)(= “Gesu Affair”)
→ 「聖地純利」(せいちじゅんり)(=”Pilgrimage”)
→ 「トランプ現象」(トランプげんしょう)(=”the Trump Issue”)
→ 「PPAP」
→ 「保育園落ちた日本死ね」(ほいくえんおちたにほんしね)(=”day care failed, Japan die”)
→ 「(僕の)アモーレ」((ぼくの)あもーれ)(=”my amore”)
→ 「ポケモンGO」(=”Pokemon GO”)
→ 「マイナス金利」(マイナスきんり)(=”negative interest”)
→ 「盛り土」(もりど)(=”raising the ground level”)

With the announcement of the top buzzwords, the year is about to end. So enjoy the celebrations and forget all the past year worries. However, more than anything, don’t be sad that awaiting 2016 流行後 is over now (though we would totally understand if you were). 2017 might hold even more exciting new buzzwords.