JapanesePod101 "1 week free study with GenkiJACS Tokyo" 's competition winner testimonial

Posted on April 30, 2017 | evankirby

In February our partner JapanesePod101 did a contest where the winner could study 1 week for free at our Tokyo school. The winner, a very nice student from Thailand, just finished his study with us and he kindly did a little testimonial in order to share his experience with all the future Japanese students:)

"- Why you are studying Japanese?
In Thailand, we know a lot about Japanese cultures since there are many cartoons and animes in our childhood. The reason I am studying Japanese is that I want to be able to understand Japanese in cartoons, games and TV programs. I also want to make a lot of Japanese friends!

- Why you chose JapanesePod101?
I have heard a lot about JapanesePod101 since I started self-studying Japanese. It is recommended by many people because JapanesePod101 has literally tons of useful studying resources and studying tools. There are also price discount campaigns throughout the year which I thought it was worth my investment so I decided to join the Premium Plus membership to gain full access of this learning platform.

- What do you like about JapanesePod101?
What I like about JapanesePod101 is that there are audio lessons categorized by your Japanese levels. As for me that I have some basic Japanese, I can start right at the beginner level or the low intermediate level instead of absolute beginner level. Another feature that I enjoyed is the personal teacher (available in the Premium Plus membership) which allows you to chat with the native Japanese teachers. Based on your level, you can just type in English to ask your Japanese grammar questions or you can also practice writing in Japanese and let them check your grammar for you! And lastly, the personal teacher regularly sends me Japanese assignments every week and evaluate my skills. It is very helpful.

- How you felt about winning the competition?
In the past months, there was a competition to win 1 free week of Japanese class in Tokyo at GenkiJACS. I joined the competition and I won! The moment I found out that I won the competition I felt very excited and happy because this was my first time to really study in the language school with the real Japanese teachers! I knew it was going to be the great experience in my life!

- How you enjoyed your 1 week with GenkiJACS?
Even though it was only 1 week with GenkiJACS, I learned a lot of new grammars and vocabularies. I realized that self-studying was not enough for me because when I was in the language school I had to interact with native speakers which helped improving my listening and speaking skills. All of the staffs and teachers are all kind and helpful. Besides, my classmates from various countries are really nice. It was a short but very fun week. I hope that I will return to study with GenkiJACS again in the future!"