GenkiJACS on tha Intarweb

Posted on October 26, 2006 | evankirby

We know it's hard to decide to pay the money and fly around the world to study at a school you can't even be sure exists. That's why we offer several services to give you all the information you need from impartial sources who don't, you know, own and operate the school itself.
- Our testimonials page includes a whole lotta quotes (albeit cherry-picked) from past students
- Just ask, and we'll be happy to give you the contact info of former students from your area who can answer any questions you might have
- There are reviews of the school by former students on several other websites:
- A blog review of the school
- An article for a university newspaper
- An endorsement and apology in one! And one more entry from the same blog.
- A review of the school in German
- A former student's extensive blog about Fukuoka. There's not so much about the school, but lots and lots of beautiful photos of the surrounding area, and some good info on cultural differences, etc.
- The MySpace blog of a former student (contains lots of information, much of it not about the school, but also a lot of details about what school life is like, etc.)

We should mention, somewhat proudly, that we haven't cherry-picked these reviews at all - these are all of the independent reviews of the school that we know of that currently exist on the Internet. If you find more, or write one yourself, please do tell us about it, and we'll add it to this list! We believe in making sure you know everything before you come, so the truth is our best marketing tool...

One way to tell if a school is worth going to or not is to ask former students if they would consider going again. So, that's exactly what we do, and 94% of former students say they would definitely consider coming again! Another indicator is the number of students who do actually come back: in our case, this number approaches 10% of our student body, which is a remarkably high number. Finally, one can look at how many students come as referrals from former students. At present, more than 30% of the GenkiJACS student body is made up of people recommended to come by a former student. We're very proud of the level of service we provide here, and we hope you'll be a happy customer one day too!