Festivals coming up in Fukuoka!

Posted on December 17, 2005 | evankirby


Japan loves its festivals, and Fukuoka is of course no exception. Here's what's coming up (info excerpted from a very helpful post to the Fukuoka JET website:

January 3: Tamaseseri at Hakozaki Shrine
A New Year festival held to wish for a good harvest. Two groups of men in traditional costumes fight for a wooden ball.

January 7: Oniyo at Daizenji Tamatare Shrine
A shinto ritual to expel evil spirits, one of the three largest fire festivals in Japan. The highlight of this festival is Taimatsu-mawashi in which three hundred young men in loincloths twirl six huge torches with scores of oak poles one after another on the grounds of the shrine. Each of the torches is one meter in diameter, thirteen meters long and weighs one ton.

January 7: Usokae & Onisube at Dazaifu Shrine
People who have come to the shrine exchange kiuso, wooden bullfinch dolls, with each other. Then, for Onisube, people try to drive away a devil with smoke and sparks emitted from large torches.)

Pottery Classes at ACROS Fukuoka

Posted on December 05, 2005 | evankirby

Kokusai Hiroba, in the wonderful ACROS Building, is running another of their great (and almost free) classes next Monday, this time in Japanese pottery. They're always recommended! Here's their ad:
Get your hands dirty and make an earthy, utilitarian pot or a piece of fine art! A professional potter from Koishihara (famous pottery village in Fukuoka) leads the class. This is a great opportunity to learn Japanese ceramics! There is a materials fee of 1000 yen for the class, which is waived for Kokusai Hiroba supporting members. Cost 1000 yen (free for supporting members!)
Date:10th of December, SAT. 1:30-4:30pm
At:Kokusai Hiroba 3rd floor of ACROS FUKUOKA
Class limit: 25 people
Reservation: required
Inquiry: 092-725-9201

Of course, GenkiJACS is running our own pottery classes too, but for Japanese Culture Course students only...