GenkiJACS Summer Evaluation Results, part 2!

Posted on October 19, 2006 | evankirby

Now for part 2 of the summer GenkiJACS evaluations! If you haven't read it yet, we recommend you start with part 1, here.

4. Textbook
No specific complaint about the textbooks was made by more than one person, so it's hard to pick the most important. However, we are always evaluating new materials for use in class, and are happy to hear from you with your recommendations!

5. Accommodation
- Too far from school
Both the dormitory we used this summer, and several of the host families, are quite far from school. This is mostly because the school itself is in a great location, right in the middle of the central downtown district of a major city, which is not where most people who have a spare room live. We do not accept host families who are more than one hour from the school by public transport, and in many cases people are a lot closer.
We are currently in talks to change the dormitory we use to one that is located on or near the subway line, making it much easier to get to and from school.
Regarding host families, there is very little we can do, unfortunately. For people who hate a long commute, we recommend a shared apartment as a closer alternative, although without a lot of the community feeling.
- Didn't like the dormitory
We take great care in choosing locations for our students to stay. Unfortunately, some students did not like the dormitory we used at all. We should mention that it is standard by Japanese norms for university students, but foreigners may see it as a little bare. As we mentioned above, we will shortly have a new dormitory for use, which should be a lot nicer.

GenkiJACS Summer Evaluation Results

Posted on October 18, 2006 | evankirby

As another step in our own little freedom of information campaign, we'd like to publish the results of our school evaluations.
First, a little explanation: We are always interested in improving the school experience, so we conduct weekly one-to-one counselling sessions with students, to discuss any issues they might be having related to school, classes, accommodation or just life in Fukuoka. At the end of a student's stay with us, we also have them fill out a more comprehensive evaluation form, to get their input on all aspects of the school and how to improve it. We recently collected all of the evaluation forms filled out since we moved to our new location in May this year, and analysed them all to determine what we can improve for next year.
Here, for your delectation, is a lengthy overview of the results. We've split it into two parts, half today and half tomorrow.

The categories:
Values are the average score for that category from all students who answered the question. Maximum score was 10.
1. Pre-arrival support: 9.1
2. Lesson/class schedule: 8.15
3. Content of classes: 9.02
4. Textbook: 8.37
5. Accommodation: 8.68

Even our lowest-scoring category, lesson/class schedule, was more than 8/10 on average, which we are quite proud of. However, there is still some room for improvement here.

Here are the most common comments/concerns we received for each topic, in order of popularity, with comment about how we will address that concern: