Waddling to success - Sunshine City's penguin parade

Posted on July 17, 2014 | Posted by genkijacs

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If you happen to be a penguin-loving Japanese language student who tends to get easily lost in Tokyo, you're in luck!

The Sunshine City Aquarium in Ikebukuro has come up with an ingenious way to attract new customers. The relatively old aquarium, located almost 1Km from the nearest station, had been facing a drastic drop in patronage over the last few years, due to the relative difficulty of finding their location. They had to find a way to renew interest in their business.
Enter Penguin Navi, an augmented reality app utilizing Junaio as a base, which uses your mobile or tablet device to superimpose a number of cute, waddling penguins on your surroundings, leading you from your current location straight to the aquarium.

The app can be downloaded from Penguin Navi's website, although you do need to have Junaio installed first.

Since introducing the cute penguins to escort visitors to Sunshine City, attendance at the aquarium reportedly increased by over 150% - which we can perfectly understand, of course. Who doesn't like penguins??

Check out this video for more information:

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