Fukuoka is great, say people from Fukuoka

Posted on September 27, 2016 | Posted by evankirby

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Fukuoka's government newspaper, 福岡市政だより ("Fukuoka shisei dayori") just published the results of their latest questionnaire on what Fukuoka residents think of the city.And the results are the best ever! A whopping 95.8% of residents say that the city is 住みやすい ("sumiyasui", easy to live in). And only 1.6% of people said it was difficult to live here.

The reasons why people love Fukuoka, in order of popularity, were:

1. Delicious fresh food: 90.3%
2. Convenient shopping: 87%
3. Lots of nature: 83.3%
4. Nice, friendly people: 78.6%
5. Ample medical facilities: 77.8%
6. Convenient transport: 76.1%
7. Well-mannered citizens: 44.5%
8. Good job market: 43.7%
9. Low crime rate: 37.2%

It's nice that Japanese people enjoy Fukuoka as much as our students do! If you haven't visited yet, don't miss your chance!
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