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Most post-graduation students wish to keep studying Japanese but may have a difficult time continuing to learn as easily as they did during their time at GenkiJACS. We therefore have compiled a list of tips for students that will hopefully motivate studies!
1. Self-Study
① You can learn Kanji and vocabulary very effectively by self-study. Use flashcards and online tools to help you remember them. We recommend the following:
- The JLPT Kanji Project
- Flashcard software Anki
② Watch movies, dramas, anime, and read manga in Japanese. Listen to Japanese music to retain comprehension skills. Some specialty bookstores both in Japan and overseas offer bilingual manga, with both the Japanese and English on each page. We recommend:
- NHK World Service
③ Get new information in Japanese! Read books & magazines, and Japanese websites and blogs. We recommend the following:
- Yahoo! Kids News: Today’s news written in simple language for Japanese elementary school children. “Yomigana tools” add readings for difficult words, adjustable by your ability level
- Adds mouseover readings and English translations to Japanese text on other websites, allowing you to read online Japanese texts easily. Or more easily, at least.
④ If you would like to continue to use the GenkiJACS curriculum, you can check out the following textbooks:
Beginner II: Genki II
Pre-Intermediate: Chukyu e Ikou (中級へ行こう), J.Bridge
Intermediate I: Chukyu wo Manabou (中級を学ぼう), J.Bridge
Intermediate II: Nihongo Chukyu J501 (日本語中級J501), Roleplay de Manabu Chukyu kara Joku e no Nihongo (ロールプレイで学ぶ中級から上級への日本語)
Advanced: Chukyu kara Jokyu e no Nihongo (中級から上級への日本語), Nihongo Namachukei (日本語生中継)
*If you are still in Japan, you can find them in any major Japanese bookstore. Alternatively, you can order them online through bookstores such as

2. Online Japanese Language Schools
GenkiJACS has a partnership with Japan Online School (J-OS), that offers private Japanese classes through webcam with native Japanese teachers on a flexible schedule. If you apply through here their website and indicate you were referred by GenkiJACS, you can receive the following special pricing:
- Free trial lesson (normally 980-1280 yen)
- 1 extra lesson free when you buy lessons (for example, 5 lessons for the price of 4)

3. University Courses
It’s never too early or too late to join a university course! Remember, GenkiJACS can provide any documents required by your school if you would like to get credit for your stay here. Many students in the past have been able to receive credits for their study.

4. Local Japanese Community
Your city may have a Japanese community that offers classes for non-Japanese people, or can put you in touch with speaking partners.

5. Getting Involved
① Keep your Japanese friends! Try not to lose contact with the people you have met and had fun with in Japan. Send your Japanese friends or classmates Japanese e-mails or letters, or practice conversation on Skype.
② Meet new friends! Look online for penpals, or join a Japanese social network (*Japanese mobile phone number required), or join an interest group in your local area. Japanese study website offers a large community of people discussing their Japanese study.
③ Volunteer! If there are any Japanese exhibitions or events in your area, it may be worthwhile to volunteer for them. That way you can meet new people and also learn more about Japanese culture.

6. Returning to GenkiJACS
Returning students are always welcome back! GenkiJACS provides a 10% returnee discount on tuition, and of course a warm GenkiJACS welcome!
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