GenkiJACS Reorganization – No More NPO!

Posted on August 12, 2009 | Posted by evankirby

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At a meeting of members of the NPO that runs Genki Japanese and Culture School last week, we took a vote to shut down the NPO, and switch the running of the school to the company Genki Global instead, effective immediately. This change will not affect students at all, as the day to day operations of the school will continue uninterrupted. However, the new, simpler organization should enable us to focus our efforts more on improving the services that we provide at school. We have also renewed our commitment to charity – despite the difficult economic times worldwide, we plan to use the savings we will realize from the reorganization to increase the amount we donate to UNICEF this year.
Genki Global operates or is in the process of setting up several other businesses in Fukuoka, and we see a lot of potential for links between those businesses and GenkiJACS. We’ll give more details in future posts, so watch this space!
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