Eating Out in Fukuoka

Fukuoka has more restaurants per person than anywhere else in Japan! The competition means restaurants have to be great to survive, and Fukuoka is rightly famous throughout Japan for the quality of dining here. Experience the freshest fish, the spiciest wasabi, and the best that Japanese cuisine has to offer.

There are enough different types of Japanese food that you’ll never need to eat the same thing twice, but almost everyone starts with sushi. As Fukuoka is a major port, the fish are brought straight from the water to your table. One restaurant even lets you catch your own fish, then tell the waiter how you’d like it cooked!

Fukuoka is the home of “ramen”, often given a bad reputation by the instant noodle variety, but some of the upscale ramen restaurants here will change your mind!

Another Fukuoka specialty is yatai, portable street restaurants that are set up every evening and serve a small menu of hot food. After dark some of the main streets in Fukuoka are lined with these tiny restaurants, which are a great place to meet people. Walk around the Tenjin and Nakasu areas, and pick one at random, for a great evening out!

See the map below for locations.

Some of Our Favourite Restaurants

1-4-15 Nagahama,
Ph: 092-716-9988
A fishing restaurant – your table is a boat, and you eat what you catch!

Daimyou 1-12-61, Chuuouku
Ph: 092-781-0303
The best and most famous of the Hakata ramen noodle shops, this chain has even started to spread overseas. Go at off-peak hours, to avoid the long lines!

Hotto Motto
Maizuru 2-1-4
Ph: 092-713-6213
This take-out only restaurant has delicious “bento” meals at incredibly low prices. A favorite of students! Click here for our guide.

Daimyo 2-6-4, Chuuouku
Ph: 092-738-1003
A huge variety of breaded meats, served with all-you-can-eat soup, rice, salad and pickles, starting from 800 yen.

Daimyo 1-12-52-7F, Chuuouku
Ph: 092-722-0308
Warm, friendly atmosphere and a set-price menu (all items 300 yen, or all-you-can-eat for 1500 yen) make this a great place for informal parties.

Private Dining Tenten
Daimyo 2-9-5, Chuuouku
Ph: 092-762-1010
The amazing Japanese-style décor and great location (in the same building as the school) make this place a must-visit. And the food’s not bad too!

Solaria Stage B2, Tenjin 2-11-3, Chuuouku
Ph: 092-733-7081
Offering some of the nicest sushi you’ll ever eat, this restaurant has won numerous awards, but is still remarkably reasonably priced.

Mos Burger
Maizuru 1-1-30, Chuuouku
Ph: 092-734-5515
A “local” fast food chain serving burgers and fries with a Japanese twist.

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