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GenkiJACS has years of experience in accommodating tour groups from 10 to 40 students in size, and from one week to two months. We offer custom-made plans for groups of 10 or more students. We can arrange study, accommodation and activities according to your specific needs!

  • Study from one week to two months
  • From 2-6 lessons per day
  • Accommodation in private or shared homestays or dormitories
  • Activities, cultural classes, and tours in the afternoon or evening, or on the weekend
  • Large discounts on tuition
  • Experience with both high-school and adult groups

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We welcome tour groups year-round, but please note that there may be some restrictions on groups during our summer busy season (July and August).


Sample Two-Week Program - Fukuoka

Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1 AM arrive in Fukuoka, meet host families Placement test and Japanese class (one 50-minute class) Japanese class (three 50-minute classes) 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class Free time with host family, or join organized activities
PM arrive in Fukuoka, meet host families Pottery class; Make traditional Japanese pottery. You will receive your finished (fired) creation before you leave Japan, or have it sent to you later. Sightseeing: Visit Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Japan’s oldest shrine to the god Tenjin; very beautiful and peaceful. Includes Japanese “macha” green tea at a traditional café. Visit new, amazing Kyushu National Museum. Visit a Japanese high school or university, for cultural exchange with Japanese students Visit traditional katana (sword) maker to see swords being made, and practice your swing!
evening: Watch a Japanese movie (with subtitles, at school)
Traditional tea ceremony class with teacher holding the highest level of tea ceremony qualification. Evening: optional party at school
Week 2 AM arrive in Fukuoka, meet host families 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class 9:30 – 12:30: Japanese class Free time with host family, return to home country
PM Free time with host family, or join organized activities Tour beautiful Kushida Shrine, and the nearby Hakata Folk Museum, where you can practice weaving, playing traditional instruments, and more. Visit the disaster prevention center to practice dealing with earthquakes, fire and tsunami.
evening: Watch the local Softbank Hawks play a baseball game. (If no games are being held, go to Round One, a giant entertainment center with karaoke, games and more.)
Japanese cooking class: Learn how to make, and how to eat, traditional home cooking Sightseeing: Visit Fukuoka museum and Fukuoka Tower
evening: Traditional Japanese games (at school)
Visit local manga/anime school, receive advice from professional animators. (If the manga school is unavailable, visit a Maid Café, and giant manga/anime department store)
evening: optional party at local restaurant

Sample program cost

  Per student
Application fee 17,200 yen
3 lessons per day 38,880 yen
Daily activity/culture class 26,000 yen
Shared homestay placement 25,750 yen
Breakfast and dinner with host family 5,000 yen
Return airport transfer 6,000 yen
Total cost per student 118,830 yen


Other activities are offered for extra cost, depending on the season. For example:

  • School outing to fireworks festival, or other local festivals (free)
  • Overnight trip to Aso Mountain, the world’s largest volcanic caldera (10,000 yen total, including travel, events, stay and food)
  • Day trip to Nagasaki, to visit the atom bomb memorial (7000 yen total, including travel and events)

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