The Whole Process: From Application to Graduation!

This page runs through the entire process of studying with GenkiJACS, to give you an overview of what to expect, using an example student, who we'll call Bob. Bob is studying with GenkiJACS for two weeks.


  1. Bob fills out an estimate request form.
  2. GenkiJACS sends Bob's estimate to him.
  3. He accepts, and GenkiJACS sends his invoice, with payment details.
  4. Bob buys his plane ticket to Japan.
  5. Bob sends the full application form, photo, self-intro, placement test and flight details to GenkiJACS.
  6. Bob pays his tuition, at least a month before his requested start date.
  7. GenkiJACS sends Bob information about his accommodation in Japan.
  8. Bob packs for Japan.
  9. Bob catches his flight to Japan.


  1. Bob arrives at the airport, usually the Sunday before his classes start.
  2. If Bob is a minor, a representative from the school is waiting to pick him up and take him to the host family (Fukuoka school only).
  3. If Bob is not a minor, first he calls the host family to tell them he is on his way. Then, he uses the instructions in the accommodation information to make his way to the accommodation by public transport or taxi.
  4. Bob arrives at his accommodation. His Welcome Pack, with information about the area, maps to the school, and the start time of his classes on Monday, is waiting for him.

First Day of School

  1. On Monday, Bob wakes up nice and early, and takes public transport to get to school by 9:30am.
  2. At school, he gives his name to the receptionist, who takes him to the room for his placement test and interview.
  3. The placement test takes about 40 minutes, and is mostly listening-based.
  4. After the test, Bob joins the 30-minute new student orientation, giving him information about the school and the area.
  5. He receives his schedule for the first week's classes, and his textbook.
  6. Bob checks out the event board, showing information about current GenkiJACS events and special classes. He signs up for any he is interested in, including the free city tour for new students.
  7. After lunch, he joins his first two lessons, in Japanese grammar.
  8. After his classes are over, he and other new students join the city tour.
  9. At the end of the day, Bob takes public transport back to his accommodation.

First Week

Every weekday, Bob has two lessons of 4-skills application class in the morning, and two lessons of Japanese grammar in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, he pays extra to join the Traditional Culture class, in pottery.

On Thursday, he joins the school onsen trip, to visit a nearby hot spring with other students.

On Friday, he picks up his schedule for the next week of classes. After classes are over, he joins the school party, held at a local izakaya (Japanese-style restaurant). After the party, he goes to karaoke with other students.

On the weekend, he spends time with the other people at his accommodation, and visits some famous local attractions.

Second Week

His second week of study is mostly the same as his first.

On Wednesday evening, he watches a big-screen movie with other students at school.

On Friday, after classes, a graduation ceremony is held, and he is presented with his certificate of completion. He gives a short speech in Japanese.

On Saturday, he packs his bags, and makes his way to the airport to catch his flight home.





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