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1. Establishment of contract

A contract based on applicable business laws shall be considered to have been established when the applicant (hereafter referred to as "the Applicant"), having read and understood the Genki Japanese and Culture School (hereinafter "the School") course agreement, completes a contract application, the School accepts that application, the School informs the applicant of all costs, and the applicant communicates acceptance of costs to the School.


2. Provision of services and payment of related fees

The School will provide services as listed in the contract for the School-provided courses selected by the Applicant. Accordingly, the Applicant will pay tuition and other fees as listed in the contract, in the manner and by the date specified by the contract.


3. Form of lessons

The format of lessons listed in the contract shall be defined as follows:

"Intensive course" means 20 lessons per month taught to the Applicant by the teacher provided by the School according to the schedule decided between the teacher and the Applicant.

"Private lesson" means the number of lessons chosen by the Applicant, performed by the teacher provided by the School to the Applicant on a one-to-one basis, according to the schedule decided between the teacher and the Applicant.

"Group lesson" means a lesson performed by the teacher provided by the School to a group of two or more (including the Applicant), according to the schedule decided between the teacher and the Applicant.


4. Start date of lessons

The start date of lessons shall be any date after the date shown on the contract, as per the request of the Applicant.


5. Payment of tuition

Tuition for a given month must be paid by bank transfer to the specified bank account by the day before the day of the first lesson of that month. (Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the Applicant.)

Tuition and other fees

The Applicant shall pay tuition, textbook fee and travel expenses for the teacher on or by the date fixed by the School. The invoice for a given month will be for the number of lessons based on the number of times that day occurs on the calendar. For example, if lessons are on a Monday, and there are 4 Mondays in the month, the invoice will be for 4 lessons.

Lesson cancellation or schedule change

In case of schedule change or lesson cancellation, the teacher or the School must be informed of the cancellation at least 3 days before the lesson. If the cancellation is notified less than 3 days before the lesson, the tuition for that day will not be refunded to the Applicant, unless there are exceptional circumstances (accident, sudden sickness, etc.).

(If the lesson is cancelled by the teacher, the tuition for that day will be refunded.)

Other than in exceptional circumstances, no refunds will be made. When a class is cancelled as described above, it can be rescheduled for another date.


6. Location of lessons

The teacher supplied by the School will perform lessons in the Applicant's home. However, if required by circumstances, the location of lessons may be changed to another place that is acceptable to both parties (e.g. a café).


7. Lesson period and contract period

The contractual period of lessons shall be the period from the day of contracting, until a request to withdraw from the contract is submitted. (Withdrawal from the contract must be submitted in writing 10 days or more before the month in which the Applicant wishes to withdraw.)


8. Related materials

Related materials are limited to teaching materials only.


9. Return of pre-paid fees after withdrawal from contract

If the Applicant withdraws from the contract within 8 working days of entering the contract, no damages or additional fees will be invoiced. However, if the textbook has already been purchased, the cost of the textbook cannot be refunded. If tuition fees have already been paid, that fee will be returned to the Applicant as soon as possible, excluding the fees for any lessons already performed.


10. Midterm contract cancellation

When a contract withdrawal request is received from the Applicant more than 8 working days after the contract was formed, the School will refund the full amount of prepaid tuition as listed below.

a. The Applicant must inform the School of the request to withdraw from the contract 10 days before the start of the month in which the Applicant wishes to withdraw. To prevent problems, please communicate the request in writing.

b. After the withdrawal request is received, the School will return the Applicant's tuition.


11. Personal information privacy

The School will not provide the Applicant's personal information collected from the contract and other sources to any third party outside of the School.


12. Dispute resolution

Any disputes or doubts arising from terms of this agreement or other related agreements shall be resolved by discussion between the two parties. Any items not listed in this agreement or other related agreements shall be decided according to the relevant laws or standard terms of trade.

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