Coming-of-Age Day

Posted on January 08, 2006 | evankirby

Coming of Age Day

Today (the second Monday in January) is “Seijin-no-hi”, when 20-year-olds gather for a special ceremony to celebrate reaching adulthood, and dress in their best furisode (for the girls) or hakama (for the boys, although many men wear suits these days). As you can see from the picture above, modern kimonos have changed a lot. The giant fur collars are an especially modern touch, useful on cold winter days... A lot of women rent kimonos rather than buying them, as the most colorful ones are the most prized, whereas the kimonos that are passed down from generation to generation are usually a lot more subdued. Tonight is a big party night as well, as 20 is also the age to drink legally, so expect to see large crowds of very wasted people in the center of Tenjin tonight...