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On July 16th, at 2:29 in the afternoon, office staff and accommodation coordinator Mai Bright gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl!

Baby Bright

Madison Bright (Maddy) was 50 cm tall and 3,306 grams at birth, but probably double that already.
Mai-san expects to be back at school (with Maddy-chan!) from October. Japanese language schools tend to be dominated by female staff, and GenkiJACS is no exception. We've tried to create a working environment that takes into account the special needs of female staff - allowing people to take half-days off whenever they need, making a kids' room at school, offering alternate working arrangements including work from home - so that staff don't have to choose between work and home life. But mostly we just want to be able to see Mai-san's lovely baby every day!

GenkiJACS nominated as one of world's best language schools!

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LTM Star Awards 2011 GenkiJACS nominated

Genki Japanese School has been shortlisted as one of the nominees for best world language school at the 2011 LTM Star Awards! This is the third year in a row for us to be nominated, an amazing accomplishment for us.
Nominees are voted on by agencies and language travel industry organizations around the world, based on the outstanding service they provide. Agents choose whichever school they think provides the highest quality of study, the best academics, the most options, and a variety of other criteria.
The World Language School category is for smaller languages worldwide - Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc. There are literally hundreds of schools offering these languages worldwide, so for GenkiJACS to be voted three years in a row is an incredible honor. The winner will be announced at the Language Travel Magazine Star Awards ceremony in September. Fingers crossed for us!

Caterpie papercraft

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Look what a student made us!

Caterpie papercraft

We're not as up on our Pokemon characters as we should be, but I'm pretty sure that's Caterpie. And well made too! Looks like at least one students needs more homework to keep him busy...

Beach barbecue!

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Genki Japanese beach barbecue

Lots of photos from our Umi No Hi (Marine Day) free beach barbecue in our photo gallery here. We had a great time! It could have been a little sunnier, but some people still managed to get sunburned (your correspondent included). The food was good, the beach was fun, and the company was great! This time, 150 people attended - about half Genki Japanese school students, and half Japanese people, so there were lots of opportunities for language exchange. The next beach barbecue will be in a couple of weeks - summer's nowhere near over yet!

Japanese language school beach barbecue

Returnees and Extenders

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We reached a pretty cool milestone the other day - fully one-third of our current students have extended their stay after arriving with us! This is a huge testament to the skills of the Genki Japanese teachers and staff. We're very proud of having created an environment that so many students don't want to leave, and are willing to change their plans to stay at. And that's in addition to the number of students who are returnees, coming back for a second, third or fourth time. (Hi Frank-san!) The one thing that makes the language travel business so special is the people, and we always feel blessed to have so many great people, both as students and staff.

Lots of summer events!

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It always seems like there's just more to do in summer, and this year is no exception at GenkiJACS! Here are just a few of the upcoming events this month (July)

12th: Japanese calligraphy and Yanagibashi market tour
13th: Japanese cookery and tour of temples
14th: Japanese cookery and disaster prevention center tour
15th: View the amazing Yamakasa festival (GenkiJACS students will be shadowed by a TV crew to capture their reactions!). Also party in the evening
16th: International karaoke party with Japanese university students
17th: Two events: to Kokura Gion festival for their drumming festival, and to Karatsu for their seaside fireworks festival
18th: Beach BBQ! Over 100 people booked - should be great fun!
23rd: Dance in Daijayama festival
24th: Experience making ramen and gyoza with expert chefs
31st: Baseball game (Softbank Hawks vs. Nippon Ham)

Summer in Japan!

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Summer is here at last! Rainy season officially finished last week, and this weekend was a scorcher!
In honor of this wonderful season, here is a picture of Momochi beach, one of the main beaches in the city.

This beach is only 15 minutes from Genki Japanese School, so you could be there 15 minutes after your classes finish! Here's how to get there from school:

- by bicycle: 15 mins
- by car: 15 mins
- by bus: about 20 mins. Walk to the Tenjin Kita bus stop on Watanabe-doori, then take a 305 bus to Fukuoka Tower (15 mins, 220 yen)
- by subway: about 30 mins. Walk to Akasaka subway station, buy a 250 yen ticket, and take any train at platform 2. Get off at Nishijin Station, then walk towards Fukuoka Tower (an easy-to-find landmark!).

See you at the beach!

Japanese learning links from a former student

Posted on July 05, 2011 | evankirby

Former student Jordan-san was kind enough to send us some of the websites he uses to learn Japanese, so here they are for you too!

sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions
Tae Kim's guide to learning Japanese
Japanese particles on Wikipedia
Videogame vocabulary
Tofugu’s Japanese Language Resources Guide
Tofugu’s 100 Best Resources For Learning Japanese

The Ultra Handy Japanese Verb Conjugator

Anime Transcripts
AJATT Silverspoon
Japanese Level Up