GenkiJACS students visit Japanese university for exchange

Posted on May 31, 2010 | evankirby

We took GenkiJACS students to a local university, to join a couple of their English classes, meet the students, learn a little Japanese, and hopefully make some friends too!
University exchange

Students practiced introducing themselves and their countries, and asking about other people. Then they learned some traditional Japanese games such as しりとり (shiritori), ゆびすま (yubi suma), 山手線 (yamanote sen), and more. Everybody had a great time!

Group photo

Japanese school superheroes!

Posted on May 30, 2010 | evankirby

Last Friday GenkiJACS finally got its own team of superheroes, and one 悪役 ("akuyaku", bad guy). Learning Japanese itself makes them heroes in our book. But who is that glamorous pink ranger???

Japanese school superheroes
Ready to fight against bad Japanese, wherever it may be!

IchigoGari - Strawberry Picking!

Posted on May 26, 2010 | evankirby

Students went to Itoshima last weekend for the last イチゴ狩り, or strawberry-picking, of the season. They grabbed all the delicious strawberries they could carry, then went for a barbecue afterwards. The weather didn't hold up too well, but they still had a great time!

Picking strawberries

Boxing strawberries

After the strawberry picking, we made students buy everything they needed for the barbecue. In Japanese, of course!
20100526-shopping list.jpg


Student finds job

Posted on May 11, 2010 | evankirby

Former GenkiJACS student Vicky managed to get a full-time job in Japan after finishing her studies at Genki Japanese School! We asked her to write about how she did it, in the hopes that it'll help other students also interested in staying in Japan. Here she is in her own words:


Learning Japanese and Teaching English

Last summer I decided to take a break and a year out in Japan. I knew that the only (or easiest) way for me to enter the Japanese labour market would be to teach English. So I quit my job, obtained the CELTA teacher training certificate and looked for a language school to learn some Japanese. I chose GenkiJacs because it was one of the few schools that offers a beginner‘s course every month. I tried applying for positions from overseas but was not successful. So I entered Japan on a tourist visa and gave myself three months to find a job. I studied Japanese to structure my day and, of course, to exchange with other people. There were some people at Genki JaCS doing similar things. And the atmosphere was very energetic and motivating – which was supportive to my endeavour.
In the evenings I researched job listings, the JALT website, the Ohayoo Sensei Newsletter and the blogs of other English teachers. There’s loads of experience posted out there, although some stories are a little discouraging – I tried to ignore them. In general, I followed a simple rule: To do something every day: research, send a few applications, rephrase my CV or the cover letter. Some applications took 15 minutes, others 3 hours. Another strategy was to always have a few applications in the pipeline – so I was never just waiting for one school to answer. Talking of - most places I applied to I never heard back from. Here I reminded myself that I only need one job, not all the jobs I was applying for. However, after 3 weeks of little response I decided to set up a backup plan – teaching in China. So I also started applying to English Schools in China. I received encouraging feedback which lifted my spirits – I knew I could always find a job there. And then a lovely English Language School invited me for an interview and offered me a job. I am now settling down in Kumamoto – just over an hour from Fukuoka.

When to come: The academic year starts in April and most teachers are hired in Jan/Feb/March. Must have’s: A bachelor degree, being a native speaker and a diploma in teaching (CELTA or TESOL). Oh, and some stamina.


Congratulations again, Vicky, and we hope you can stay in Japan for the long-term!

GenkiJACS receives another Excellence Award!

Posted on May 05, 2010 | evankirby

For the third successive year, GenkiJACS has received an Excellence Award from the language travel agency This award is entirely based on the customer satisfaction rankings given to the school by students after finishing their study. The award means that our service was rated as Excellent overall by all students who attended in 2009. Student satisfaction is of course one of the main goals of a school (after rigorous academics), and we are ecstatic that so many students thought our school was excellent. Here’s to working even harder in 2010!

Fukuoka is coolest city in Japan!

Posted on May 04, 2010 | evankirby

Adding to all the accolades it's received in the past, Fukuoka was chosen by Japanese Brutus Magazine in March as the coolest local city in Japan - the "anti-Tokyo". We of course knew it all along.
Just to refresh your memories, Fukuoka was twice chosen as the best city in Asia by Asiaweek Magazine. Newsweek Magazine named it one of the world's 10 "boomtowns", while Monocle Magazine last year rated it as the 16th most liveable city in the world, and number one for shopping!