Fukuoka Robots!

Posted on December 17, 2005 | evankirby

This week's news brings us Kiyomori, a two-legged robot with a great website, born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. It's famous for the revolutionary ability to rotate its pelvis as it walks, which gives it a much more natural walking style, allowing it to stretch its knees. Anyway, the latest demonstration of this technology was to have the robot (dressed, of course, in full regal "kachuu" armor and crazy glowing red eyes) visit Munakata Shrine, just north of Fukuoka City, to pray. Pretty amazing and wonderfully strange application of technology...

Student breakdown

Posted on December 09, 2005 | evankirby

We finally got round to analyzing who our students were this year, and we've posted the results to our website at this page. Some semi-interesting factoids: while the total numbers of students were fairly balanced between male and female, a lot more women wrote to us to ask for information, and usually a lot earlier than the men. The average length of study was 4 weeks, although some stayed a LOT longer than that. (You know who we're talking about!), and the average age of our students was 27.
One interesting thing for us was that our students were fairly balanced in terms of their Japanese ability when they arrived with us. About a quarter each of our students started at beginner, pre-intermediate, and intermediate levels. the teachers have endless debates about which students are the most fun to teach: beginners are completely blank slates, and when you start from almost zero, every day can bring exciting new discoveries; on the other hand intermediate students can get involved in real discussions, and teachers can learn from them.
I guess the point is that the teachers enjoy teaching all our students, no matter where they came from or where they're going. If you'll excuse a little bit of salesmanship, why don't you visit GenkiJACS, and give us the chance to enjoy teaching to you too!