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This form is to request an estimate for study at our school in Tokyo. To study at our Japanese language school in Fukuoka, fill out the Fukuoka form.

1. For a rough estimate, fill out the fields below, and click "Calculate total cost".
2. To request a formal estimate from GenkiJACS staff or to apply, fill out the personal information at the bottom of the form.

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1. Course of Study

First, select your preferred study term:

Long-Term Study (6-12 months)

To join our discounted medium-term study program, you must meet the visa requirements.
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Study Length  
Start Date  
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(Do not complete the short-term study section!)


Short-Term Study (1-6 months)

Enter the number of weeks you would like to study each course. Note: You can only study one course each week. Cost includes the registration and textbook fee, ¥21,500.00 .

Course   No. of weeks
Standard Japanese Course (20 lessons/wk, ¥32,500.00/wk)  
Japanese Plus Conversation (25 lessons/wk,¥ 42,500.00/wk)
Our most popular course!
Note: Not available for low beginners. Students must have studied up to chapter 5 of a beginner's Japanese textbook such as Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 1 (at least 5wks/100 lessons).
Japanese Plus Traditional Culture
(26 lessons/wk, ¥42,500.00/wk, maximum 5 weeks)
Note: 5wks of study only available during months with 5 Mondays
Japanese Plus Pop Culture
(26 lessons/wk, ¥42,500.00/wk, max. 5 weeks)
Note: 5wks of study only available during months with 5 Mondays
Total length of study  


Additional classes

You can add extra classes, in addition to the Intensive 20-26 classes per week, if you would like to study more.

Private classes (¥6,500.00 per class, not available in July/August)  

classes per week


2. Accommodation


Please note that the requested accommodation option may not be available.



3. Other

Would you like to be picked up at the airport? (¥25,000.00)
(Not recommended in most cases. Travel may be by public transport.)
Studied at GenkiJACS before?  
Participant on the JET Programme or Interac?  
Book travel insurance through GenkiJACS (¥1,750.00 per week)?  


Total cost in JP¥:


Note: Subject to availability. Estimates are provided to give an indication of the cost and may vary from the actual cost.


What is included in this cost?

At this point, no information has been transmitted to GenkiJACS. Please fill out the form below and submit it to us if you would like to:

  • receive an official no-obligation estimate by email;
  • discuss ways to reduce the total cost;
  • have us store this information for you for future reference;
  • ask questions about the cost or anything else.

This can also be your initial application to school, if you decide you would like to study with us.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


4. Contact Information

Family name  
First names  
Sex   Male
Birthdate   Year:


Country of citizenship  
Current country of residence  
Contact telephone  


Why is this information required?


5. Other


Select your Japanese ability level

If you are not sure, check your level here. And don't worry too much! The level you apply at is just a guide until you take the formal placement test.

Select your preferred start date

Courses start every Monday (complete beginners: first Monday of every month, and third Monday of June, July, August).

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If "other", please specify:
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Coupon code (discount will be applied to your estimate):
If the accommodation you selected is not available, what is your second preference?
Are you a university student who would like to receive university course credit for study with us?
Any further comments/questions?  


By clicking "Submit", I confirm that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, and further state that the Terms and Conditions are to be incorporated as a part of any contract formed.


After we receive this form, we will send you an official estimate by email.


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Winner of the Star World Language School Award 2016



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